Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The 3gaidi who got on my F-ing nerves

Being a P.E. teacher in a public school in Kuwait means that I'm responsible of school tidiness and discipline. My P.E. colleagues and I do our best to maintain order within school walls, but when sh!t happens out of school it's up to us whether to take part or not.

Yesterday I went out of work to see a herd of 3agad piling up outside the school. I overlooked the situation, got in my car and as I was driving away I saw them taking action fighting like F-ing hyenas hitting and running so they don't get their @$$ kicked.

I spotted a couple of my 6th grade students so, all in good will, I parked and went to cut the cr@p off so my students won't get hurt. I held one of my students and dragged him back inside the school when out of nowhere a 3gaidi who thinks he's old enough to step up against me started to shout and curse at me to leave his brother alone. I ignored the b@stard and took his brother inside but he insisted and he held my hand telling me to let go of his brother. I refused and dragged his brother to the admins when two of my colleagues also interfered to break up the fight and they recognized the b@stard who turned out to be a student at 9th grade in our school so they dragged him in as well while he kept shouting and cursing. Both of them got suspended temporary and the older one got zero grades in this month's exams for insulting me and my colleagues.

Today I went to work to find him waiting for me outside the school. He came close and asked me to forgive him and try to help him preventing the admins verdict. I told him "If you're sorry about what you did and you really want to apologize you should have apologized yesterday." He tried and tried to convince me that he's sorry about what he said and did to me to no avail but I kept on refusing because he's one of those disrespectful 3agad who doesn't deserve a chance. I turned my back on him with a grin up my face.

Call me mean, call me racist, call me whatever you want, but that kind of people don't deserve respect therefore, even if this will put his future to waste, I'll never accept his apology.


Extinct Dodo said...

shame on you mac. everyone deserves a second chance, especially if this was the first time he was involved in a serious fight. i do agree that he should pay, but "letting his whole future go to waste" is a bit too harsh, no? i mean, i hate 3agad too and all, but this is a tad too much, who knows, he might be one of those 3agad who'll change for the better thanks to you for forgiving him :/

Intlxpatr said...

I'm proud of you for going to the extra effort to break up the fight. You are their role model. You didn't have to get involved, it was risky, you could have gotten hurt, but you got involved anyway. That took courage.

This kid needs a role model like you. He'll ask again. Sit down with him and ask him what HE thinks an appropriate penalty is for such unmannerly behavior. You might be surprised what he comes up with. I think this is an opportunity for you to change a young man's life. And I think you are the man to do it.

fonzy said...

i say thumbs up to u, good job. those annoying gerbils wont learn unless they get their asses kicked. u probably got him shitting his pants cos he will get his when his parents know why he got suspended and 0 grade. If u let it go, he will think he can get away with it.

Ms Loala said...

ONEEEEEEEEEEEE1111111111 !!!

If you ever thought of accepting his apology i would stop visiting your blog.

Those creature deserve absolutely no mercy. In fact, you taking the time to stop and listen to his trash is mercy itself!

They ought to be hanged and burned alive!

^ "from a person who lives amongst them" :\

So yeah, never mind, their background is their excuse :P

nQ *Inanna Nino's Wiener said...

Thank god you didnt cave in! we want to decrease their population, so the suspension and no exam policy does nothing, have you considered death row?

pink said...

dont forget he is a child..leave it to god to sort him out and give him another chance

ge0 said...

i was a teacher and i know 2 which extend students could make u angry but i believe u wont harm anyone:)

chikapappi said...

Mac... give some boooteh! They gotta learn discipline & manners since their families are ignoring that!

Cat said...

U r right .. Ma yestahal u forgive him for wat he did ! Bs it was just too nice of to take apart in that fighting before it get worse ! I know others who might leave the kids fighting each other lema yemoton .

Enigma said...

well if you feel his apology was sincere, then he deserves a second chance, no matter how f*cked up he is. Believe me I hate 3gaidis too. Sometimes I wish they were all dead. Bs non-3agad can be total assholes too (my f*cking neighbors, for example)

eshda3wa said...

u know he apologized and u turned ur back on him
whats that supposed to teach him?

u should have given him another chance
gave him a lecture
told him how a man should behave

not walk away with a smile!

iNoor said...

زين تسوي فيه.. هالمخلوقات وايد يهتمون بمستقبلهم ماشالله عليهم تف تف تف... من كثر ما اهما متطورين أمي تسميهم "ألمان" لوووول

ترى الصبر على العقد وكظم الغيظ جهاااد، ماشالله عليك طالع على أجدادك
proud of you ;)

iNoor said...

وأناشهد انك ذيب ونشمي، يااااااو


Maradona said...

أهم شي انك ماسك اعصابك

والقوي ( حليمٌ عند الغضب )

من جهة ثانية .. العقد مستعدين انهم يسجدون لك (استغفر الله)
بس عشان تسوي لهم اللي يبونه,
فزين سويت في الولد .

تكفى يا ستاذ والله يخليك يا استاذ
ومن وراك سب وتلعن .

هذول هوامش في الدنيا.

واللي يقول لك عيب عليك .. هذا ما خبرهم ترى .

كفو يا ولد فريجنا.

dishevelled said...

zain itsawe fee
Honestly, someone has got to teach these kids a thing or two about manners and being civilized

outkasty said...

sijin a7daath mo madresa =/ min meta gamaw e3alon sot'hom 3al mudareseen 7achy?! ambaih Kaada al-mu3allim an-yakuna rasula =~|

il3ameed said...

a bit too harsh i guess.. but he deserves something in return 3ala what he did.. i guess he has to learn from his mistake. and a great thing you did to get out of your car and try to break them up.

adri moo wagta oo kilish wagt qala6 3ala this topic ya3ne bas im thinking of getting a mac. and if i do, im thinking of waiting for the new MacBook. do u think waiting is a good idea? or do u think i should just go for the MacBook Pro? if Macbook Pro.. 15" 2.2 gHz or 2.4 gHz? thank you and im really sorry for going off topic and taking time out of your day reading this :)

Navy Girl said...

well i do believe in giving people a second chance , but probably in the same exact time ! i mean why didnt he approached you yesterday and apologized ? why now after being suspended .. the question is .. is it sincere enough ?? well you never know .. but seriously i hate the way they think .. huhhhhhh so savage !! what the hell they were fighting for ?? a cigarette ??

oh and WATCH YOUR BACK from now on .. you never know what he can do ..

Maradona said...

E wallah watch ur back and be careful

u know they hits from back
and runs away
like bu 6aqqah.

from now u r the One

The Criticizer said...

dodo? dodo?!
*shouts out loud*
She's alive!

haha... umm well, first off, I didn't say I have wasted his future... I said IF it would lead to wasting his future I'd still do it.

I've been dealing with those b@stards for three years now and I know letting this one slip will make him think he can get away with anything.

If he comes back apologizing sincerely I might forgive him and go with your method. Thank you.

I don't think his kind of parents would care even if he gets killed. Today I heard he's been in 9th grade for two years and this one's the third. This delay will teach him respect.

ms loala:
Hehe, don't worry. It's all under control. ;)

Haven't thought about it. I'll work it out. :P

He's a child? 9th grade students are not children. Not to mention someone who's been in 9th grade for two years so basically he's in 11th grade.

May GOD forgive him and give him another chance but as I said I won't give him a chance because what he did is unforgivable. If you were there you'd understand. This rule will straighten him and remind him that he is still a student.

I won't harm him. I'm just teaching him to respect the line between us because eventually he's still a student.

Exactly. If his parents care about him they would have been there the next day he got suspended.

I was about to ignore the situation, I won't lie to you, but then I saw two of my 6th grade students between the crowd getting beaten up like stray dogs, I couldn't resist so I went there and pulled one out when everything happened. I couldn't drag the second one out of it, now he ended up with 3 stitches in the head and bruises all over his body.

That's the problem, his apology wasn't sincere.
7athar @-holes tend to be more F-ed up. :/

That will teach him he can't get away with everything by apologizing without meaning it. I couldn't get a heartfelt apology out of him. He wants to apologize because he wants me to help him postpone his suspension, that's all he cares for.

LMAO! haha, that second post cracked me up!
Ok you're officially crazy, in a good way that is! xD

3ala rasi, ent el fahim. :D
Mala da3i I watch my back. Hathol 5akar.

They'll never learn. :/

Hah! You Have No Idea what we face out there. That's just a snapshot of what we're up against on daily basis.

That's how you treat 3agad.
About your subject > email.

navy g:
Watch my back? Why? I've respected him and treated him according to the rules (paperwork).

If that method didn't satisfy him and he tries anything stupid I'm willing to show him the 3gaidi I can be. I'm not afraid of him nor his whole F-ed up herd. Hell, why should I be afraid? I am the teacher.

If he thinks he's man enough let him approach with his r@ge again, this time there will be no paperwork and you'll be reading the story in newspapers.

Zed said...

make an example out of his ass

Navy Girl said...

WOW !! Mac ! whats going on !! :D your really pissed off ha !! dont let him get into you .. you do not let him drag you down to his LOW level .. you be better man than him .. and i only meant that you be careful .. i know that you aint afraid of him and nor that i'm saying that you should .. i only meant you should be careful not to be stabbed in the back ! cuz thats what they always do .. stab you in the back ..

KJ said...

I sincerely hope they don't attack your car mayte... back when I was in school if they couldn't get what they want from the teachers they're go and make a wreck out of his car.

Kinano said...


Serves him right.

aziz said...

you did the right thing i believe

Zi-One said...

maybe kan el mafroo'6 takser 3ainah oo tsa3dah ;/ maybe yetsana3 men mw8efek el nabeel ;p ,, bs jad 7ram kan lazm tsam7ah li2ana most of elli chethi ma 9araw 3agad ela men el bee2a elli 3aysheen feeha ;/

The Criticizer said...

You bet.

navy g:
I've lived around 3agad for 24 years now and I know how to avoid it when they back stab. ;)

We have in-school parking. Even if he tries anything stupid there's only him to blame.


I'm sure I did the right thing.

There are no maybe(s).
We deal with similar situations on daily basis and this one's way over his limits. He's not worthy of forgiveness.