Friday, July 22, 2011

Butterfly Effect

If you are familiar with the term butterfly effect you'll understand the situation.

Five months ago I had to move out from my place. That lead to canceling my plans for this summer vacation since moving out cost me around KD1200. With my plans shattered I had no other plan but to start a family. Few days after knowing that my wife is pregnant I got an anonymous call telling me I got accepted on a scholarship! I went to review my application and turns out I did apply for masters degree a year ago. That means I have to leave the country for three years for this masters program. I can't take my wife with me for her safety and baby's. Now I have to move my furniture to self storage, pay another rent abroad, send money back home for the wife and future kid, and probably have to sell the car and get a new one to take it there with me.

This is a hard situation. My child will be born and probably grow up a few years without me around him/her and even harder for my wife. Hopefully it won't be as bad as I think. Time flies by and I'm doing this for the best.

Wish me luck because I really need it.


Carly said...

Why on earth would you have to leave your wife and child to be? My husband got a BA, MA, and Ph.D in the US and we were with him the whole time and had three children while we were there. I think it is crazy to go off and leave your wife. Just me two cents...

Chaotic pOsha said...

It's just life..It's always like this..things don't go by plan but am sure things for you will be alright ..I know lotsa ppl who go through the same situation.. My sister is one! her husband is away to study and she went with him for a while but couldn't raise her daughter was just too much for her i suppose u know homesick!

All I can say to you is that you should be optimistic about it and do your best and try to get back to your wife as much as possible or if you find it easy to settle down there just take her with you!

Best of luck I really hope you the best :)

MacaholiQ8 said...

@ Carly
After reading your second blog entry "Ramblings" I guess you know exactly how anxious I am for the sake of both my wife and the baby. Maybe after she gives birth and start to adjust to her motherhood I can bring them here to stay.

@ pOsha
I am very optimistic about this whole situation. I just want the best for my wife and baby.

Thank you so much. :)

Ms Loala said...

First of all, congrats. I'm really happy for you and I'm sure you will be a great father.

To be brutally honest, doing masters won't be easy. I'm doing it here and it's taking a big chunk of my time, its also nerve wrecking and I get to be alone most of the time just to study hard and get good grades, let alone doing it away from home and family!

But nothing comes easy, the result would be an achievement of a lifetime and no opportunity like this comes twice.
And 3 years aren't really a lot, you'd be finished in no time without you even noticing it.

It really is up to you and how you manage your life vs time. And no matter what happens, your family will always be proud of you. So don't think for the current time, think for the future and how you will build it successfully :)

Nicole said...

If the shit hits the fan it hits it full force, no?
Best of Luck for you and your family.
You sure do need it!

Touché said...

I'm glad for the splendid news. Inshallah you will get a healthy adorable baby and prosper in your studies.

It might sound little a real predicament with no clear way out. Don't you worry bro, those things get sorted out. Just when you think it's the one lock with no key, you will find it that there is actually another door waiting for you to discover it.

Not all rosey and pinky, but that's life. Appreciate the moment and the good fortune and don't fret with what might not seem like fog disturbing your vision. Cause it will eventually disappear in the horizon.

Best of luck.

MacaholiQ8 said...

@ Ms Loala
Everybody else is telling me it's easy, I know it's not. I really needed someone to tell me it's not easy so I can expect the unexpected. Your honest opinion gave me the push I need. Thank you and good luck with your masters as well.

@ Nicole
Indeed. :p


@ Touche
I appreciate your words, thank you. I've taken the long road to where I am today. I think this is just another road bump to add to my life experience.

Tasha326 said...

Awwe ur having a baby! Congrats!!! Remember is u have a girl to name her after me! Lol I miss you! Sorry things are going to be hard but u will do great ur an amazing man and will be a great father ...u take care k and get ahold of me sometime!