Saturday, March 29, 2008


Lately I've been hearing people quoting everything they're talking about from Wikipedia, or when they get stuck not knowing about something they rush to their computer browsing Wikipedia for info. Some people (one of them is a close friend of mine) won't even discuss anything with anybody unless they skim around Wikipedia. It's becoming more of a cult rather than just a source of information.

Imagine, what if it becomes a religion? Call it Wikipedism or Wikipediaism, whatever rhymes better. Wikipedism may not have the aspects of monotheistic Abrahamic religions (Judaism, Christianity, and Islam) but it sure has a stronger base than Scientology.

And by breaking down Wikipedism we see:

  1. It has a source "", also known as "The Mighty Wiki".
  2. It has beliefs "Everything on Wikipedia is right, no arguments".
  3. It has practices "Browse for anything and everything and spread the word of The Mighty Wiki".
  4. It has leaders and pioneers "Wikipedetors", those who write the "Teachings" on "The Mighty Wiki".
  5. It has its own followers "Wikipedians".
  6. It comes in various languages and is open for all.

Wikipedism doesn't have a clear history but since 2001 until today it has grown with over 2,250,000+ articles "Teachings" and estimated to grow from 3 million up to 5 million "Teachings" within the next five years. And an average of 2.5 billion hits a month, we can be sure that there are more Wikipedians than any other religion in the world.

Now are you Wikipedian?

Disclaimer: This topic was made for fun, no intentions of degrading any religion whatsoever. Convert to Wikipedism at your own risk.


Anonymous said...

I thought Wikipedia was written by us(?) I thought people contributed where they have knowledge? I am not addicted to Wikipedia (I used to not like it because it started with Wiki, and I thought it might be related to witchcraft!) but I use it often and find it helpful. Don't you?

adorra said...

I would fail all of my classes if I relied on it :-p

Ms Loala said...

Are you kidding me!
Wikipedia is listed as my #1 reference in my researches.
Good enough it earns me A's :P

Enigma said...

I am a Wikipedian (?) I even say things like "Wiki it" (nafs Google it)

eshda3wa said...

y7aleloon dam he converters?

Kinano said...

I have been a devout Wikipedian for about three years, and so far it has been awesomely rewarding :D

Cool post mate! iLike...

Missy said...

wiki is so helpful! u can find ANYTHINGGGGGGGG there! :P

Big Pearls said...

I'm not!

:::ShoSho::: said...

I almost never use it..

il3ameed said...

not a member of wikipedism at all *shivers*

like intlxpatr said, the topics are submitted by people and they might not be completely true so i just google stuff its (in my opinion) safer and more reliant.. facts to me from real organizations is better than *maybe made up stuff. Some submitters might use facts but twist them and use them in a wrong way with wrong information.. but with others that take the fact and make it easier to understand, thats better i guess.... :mrgreen:

G.E&B said...

I'm a wiki-er from waaaaaay back! I love it so much I'm gonna bear its children one day.

Bashar said...

That Wikipedia thing is really amazing. Be careful from debatable subjects, and some cranky jokes, specially with 1st April fool fool coming. Otherwise, it's best source on the WWW.

Mahalo, their human-search engine is shaping up good as well

Nicole said...

Sometimes one has to be careful what's written in there, but usually I like it.
I won't convert to Wikipedianism, any sort of strict religion is just dubious for me ;)
I'm more a googleaniac - bad enough ;)

Linus said...

I'm a Wikiholic, not a Wikipedism :P
There is lots of interesting information!

The Criticizer said...

It is written by us but sometimes you cannot edit specific articles unless your trusted or in another region than the one you're connected to. As all religions, this one too has classifications. :P

hehe.. don't worry, I use it everyday but I don't rely on it for every thing.

Still studying? Allah e3enich. ;p

ms loala:
Uh-huh! See, you're a devoted Wikipedian even without knowing it! xD

"Wiki it" sounds like an evil spell. lol

Yes indeed! From what I know converters to Wikipedism should be burned down to ash. :P


haha.. & lol @ iLike! xD

So you're a Wikipedian. :P

big pearls:
Good! Now let's gang up and prevent this from spreading!

Same thing said to "big pearls"!

lol @ :mrgreen:! haha xD

Google has worse info than Wikipedia; you can make up anything and you might find it on google but that doesn't work with Wikipedia.

*gasp* Then you and all other Wikipedians are destined to fade from the face of the earth. :P

Yeah I'm expecting anything as April's fool.

I really like Mahalo and it's idea, and I'm expecting it to become one of the strongest and most reliable search engines.

Googleaniac?!! Haha.. That's more like a syndrome! LOL xD

There is but it's making people never think rationally, they always want to know what's written about what's on their mind on Wikipedia. It's becoming insane! :/

elijah said...

i loved this post.

I ama a wikipedian too. I ask a question in the middle of the night, n get up to check the answer on wiki.

How big is the largest whale?!! who can answer that but wiki? :P

The Criticizer said...

lol! Glad you like it.

I try to use my mind often and if I cannot figure out the answer I convert to wikipedism for help. :P

Ahmed© said...

wikipidia mo mathboo6, not always at least.

The Criticizer said...

yeah it is.