Monday, March 10, 2008

Take Them All Down

All of us heard about the government action on removing public property violations (90% diwaniyas) and how most parliament members are trying to no avail to stop this from taking place. It is not your *F-word* property, get over it!

I am strictly with the government on this. It has gone way too far. You cannot imagine how happy I became the moment I knew how serious they are going to deal with this issue. Thousands of diwaniyas everywhere and more are being built every day. What's up with that? Do we really need diwaniya per person?

There's this 500 square meters house in our area which has about 2000 square meters all surrounded by big fence with two freakin' huge diwaniyas inside not to mention a big tent and a parking larger than Al-Fanar's! People rent a square foot apartment for 300KD and this b@stard plays on state-owned land as he pleases.

I know a lot of people are against this action but I don't care what those people think because these violations are going way off limit. God knows that I would DRIVE THIS for the government, front line, anytime any day.


Enigma said...

I am not completely against this.. Some people set up beautiful gardens on their irtidad, I don't see why they have to be turned to a sandy area.

eshda3wa said...

im with the government too
diwaniyas must go and violations must go

bs elzar welgraa laish!

Anonymous said...

In that new area across from the HIlton, there are all kinds of brand new diwaniyyas going up, and it all looks to me like public land they are being built on. I have nothing against private diwaniyyas - it's part of the Kuwaiti traditon - and the tradition was that they were build on private property.

Bashar said...

I totally agree with you on that. Their stupid excuses are:

1- Our small houses forced us to do so.
I didn't know Parliament have small houses. That's new! So in that case, I guess it's OK if we do anything if even Parliament are forced to steal.

2- Government is considering new law for annual fee on those lands
Stupid! official rental for violation of law basically. And still, it's only consideration, not a law

3- We spent a lot on those diwaniyas
You should've thought twice!

4- Remove only diwaniyas that are hurting public image.
So rich people can build castles on public land while poor one can't?

I think fine should be doubled on those people. But I still doubt we will see all these diwaniys removed, unless there is something happening behind the scenes. Like unofficial compensation.

Why are they so quite all of a sudden, didnt' you wonder?

Anonymous said...

More diwaniyas, less people clogging up Starbucks.


pearls said...

In a way what the government is doing is for our own good. I'm against violations like having a zoo in the back garden because they pose some risk on us!

But I don't see any problem with diwaniyas. The government should really consider giving people permits to build them, I mean why not?

It's just a small area, what harm would this small area do! There are bigger issues going on that needs more focus right now than this.

Adorra said...

I don't really have an opinion on this yet because I don't have all the facts but as a theory it seems like they should remove public property violations. On the other hand, unless they are willing to do it properly on ALL public property violations and not necessarily the ones that are convenient for them, then they shouldn't even go there.

nicole said...

Mh, if they build a Diwaniya they keep the area cleaner.
Can they build some in front of our house? Maybe the trash disappears then? ;)

Just kidding.
I know what you mean and I don't think everyone should be able to build whatever and where ever they want.

In Germany they wouldn't discuss for long.
A piece of paper with the time limit you have to tear it down or get permission to build when it's on your own property (yes, you need a permit when you want to build something) and I doubt anyone would even really think of building something like that on public property ;)

Ms Loala said...

Ummm, i'm not really interested with the whole thing in general.

They could've thought of something better and useful rather than taking down harmless diwaniyas.

G.E&B said...

Oh you should see the guy a few streets away from us! His Diwaniya, one of those pre-fab tent things is literally IN THE MIDDLE OF THE STREET! then people park parallel to the Diwaninya which practically blocks the whole street...u have to slow down to make sure not to hit the curb on the other left side. AND...he has like 4 apartments in his house with over 6 cars also parked...take a wild guess...YUP IN THE !@#$%ing STREET!

Tear the diwaniya down...NO! leave the diwaniya tear his !@#$%ing house down.

Outkasty said...

mako minha bs 3ala-porsche? lol

The Criticizer said...

They won't have any actions against gardens unless they surrounded by fences.

Well have to wait and see.

It was never a tradition to build diwaniyas "outside" the house. Diwaniyas used to be part of the house, hence those who don't apply shall have their diwaniyas removed.

Exactly! Even if they're quiet I'm still having high hopes on this.

When the government get rid of diwaniyas the next move is to remove starbucks! I will support that. :D

If we don't deal with this it will evolve into a "bigger issue". You may not have noticed the problem with diwaniyas but think of it this way, cars clogging roads, mid-night fuss, and in some occasions fights! We don't want that. Keep diwaniyas inside the house, not on government property.

We're still waiting on this, I do hope they remove all without any exceptions.

It's exactly the same in here, people have to have permit to build inside their houses but no one's strict enough with them so they took the chance to ruin public property for their own satisfaction.

ms loala:
Harmless? Think again. In-home diwaniyas might be harmless but not the ones we see around every corner. The should vanish.

lol! Exactly my point. TAKE HIS HOUSE DOWN!

I wish. :P