Sunday, May 03, 2009

Inspector 3gaidi

Few days ago I had to go to our local police department to get repair permit to fix my mother's car. I went in to see a couple of policemen and a fat guy with grubby dishdasha and a typical tilted shmaq were having dinner in the reception office.

I asked where I can get the paper and they said I have to see the inspector first. I walked in the inspector's office and no one was there so I went back and asked where the inspector is. One of the policemen pointed to the grimy guy saying that's the inspector. I said ok I'll wait for you in the office and he nodded.

20 minutes later the stupid 3gaidi comes wobbling in burping like he's alone at home. He asked "What do you need?" in an impolite manner. I told him the story hoping to get the paper and get this over with but no, Mr. Bedouin Law suddenly decided to comply all his stupid procedures on me. He takes out a paper, writes down some info, folds the paper and stamp it, and then tells me to take it to another police department and bring back an inspection report of the accident.

What a typical 3gaidi. I mean isn't that his job? And why all this bother for repair paper? *starts cursing*

I took the paper and ripped it off as soon as I stepped out his office. Screw it.

Engaged :)


TOUCHE' said...


Don't tell me it's Al-Zahra police station!! Because if it is, then you've seen the worst kind ever.

Last week I had been through similar incident where I ended ripping the insurance papers in front of him and telling him "I don't need those papers"
"راح أصلح على خشم الدينار ولا أسوي أوراقي عندكم"

I wanted to burst out at him, only it was at the #$%#ing police station.

Mathai said...

I needed to get some paperwork done at the police station too but its guys like this who ruin everything. :(

MacaholiQ8 said...

Actually it was in Sabah Al-Salem, the land of 3agad. They push you to the edge, don't they? Bastards. :\

Unfortunately those grubby creatures infest in police departments and there's nothing we can do about it.

ali q said...

That's your ignorant system for you.

Eschew said...

At first glance I thought to myself "yes, yes. governmental policies and procedures in our country are so backward, it'd make neanderthals seem advanced" but I found it irksome that you would label every person, uncut/unshaven, with a "scruffy" dishdasha a bedouin.

You have your views, and hopefully based on experience and not hearsay, but how can you not distinguish between 3agad and bedouin?

Im bedouin. I dont wear scruffy dishdasha's. I dont own a "wanait." I dont burp infront of people, nor treat anyone, regardless of gender, rudely.

So, does that make me a "3gaidy"? ... For future reference, please make an effort to pinpoint the differences between Bedouin and 3agad. We aren't the same. Not to mention, "9alab" have nothing to do with bedouin.

I hope this isn't coming off as an attack, but how would someone feel if I said all "3ayam" are from Iran? Or that the benevolent "7athar" families all hail from Iran/Iraq/Saudi or blah blah blah. Anyone in that position would be offended as I would be at this point.

Please be courteous to others around you. If you choose to label people that way, and be disrespectful, then people will inevitably gauge their interactions with you in a such a way.

And another thing. I once crashed my car into a tree back when I was in Kuwait (it wasn't funny at first), and while you might feel compelled to think it was in Jahra or something, it was actually in Jabriya.

And the exact same thing happened to me. I went to the Jabriya police station. The guy kept talking sh*t and tried to make my life a living hell (despite the fact that I was BEDOUIN *hint hint*) and kept accusing me of being at fault. Against a TREE! And he ended up scribbling some crap onto a form, sticking it into an envelope, stamping it, and making me go to another station to get the work done.

In case you're wondering why he did that, its because the MOI has designated "Accident Inspectors" or whatever they call them. These guys are spread out all over Kuwait at distinct locations. They go out with you to your car, inspect the damage and try to figure out if you are at fault or not. They sign the paperwork and send you back or send you on your way.

Boy! This was longer than your post. Sorry! But it's troubling when people use politically incorrect labels.

iNoor said...

ياخي حتى القرآن ذمهم =P


يه يه يه
عالبررررررررررررررررركة معرسنا
وآنا أقول وين مختفي طول هالمدة

وش تبغى عانية يا ولد صباح السالم؟

Eschew said...


Patrick Semaan said...

Ouch. Police stations in Kuwait are the worse places to go.

NicoleB said...

Sort of reminds me of the day we spent at Ahmadi police station:

My husband spent one day before that driving from one station to another,...

Kuwait. Always good for an adventure ;)

error said...

hehe reminded me of an incedent i had .. my god!! almost 4 years ago

Bashar said...

If you were one of them pal, that would be a different story!

Ms Loala said...

You should've seen it coming, and especially in that area. If you were a cousin of theirs you'd be a different story.
Bs gol allah la ye3ozek lehom inshalla oo et9er b alf khair.

And mabrook, menik el mal oo menha el 3yal inshalla. Best of luck :)

Anonymous said...

so are u engaged?

MacaholiQ8 said...

ali q:
Pity. :\

Thank you for taking the time to write this long comment and proving your point.

Please note that I don't like taking words out of context therefore I won't quote each and every part of your comment.

I may have generalized but I didn't make it exclusive to bedouins. I stated in my definition that they are "mostly" of bedouin roots. I have many bedouin friends who are very sophisticated and they actually agree on my definition.

I was talking about those who fail to emerge into civilization. Those who have higher standards than their country (Al-Qabeela over all).

I'm definite that if I walked in wearing a shamq and laid a couple of "nose-kisses" here and there I would have walked out with the papers.

Anyhow, I won't make this a long story, this is my blog and my place to vent. You don't have to agree with me. Kindly if you see/read something you don't like just ignore and save yourself the hassle.

Thank you.

الله يبارك فيج
أبي امية ألف مليون الله لا يهينج

There are worse though you can count it at top 5. :P

Whoa! What a story! Sorry to hear that. :\

Damn them. :\

Exactly. :\

Ms Loala:
Allah layeeb el youm elly aro7 hnak marra thanya. :/

Allah esalmich, thank you! :D

Yes. Is it good or bad? :P

Bu Yousef said...

Awful! What's new?

A month ago, I took my sister to Qurain police station after her handbag was lost. We wondered if we needed to inform re civil id etc.

The whole qabila were in one room. slippers and shoes outside and they're all sitting on the floor inside. I peeked a look but since I wasn't wearing dishdasha (I looked foreign!) they didn't even look up. Half my friends are from the military and secret police (all educated) - so I used their language... 'Who's in charge here and why are the offices empty? Is breakfast the only work you do? Five men rushed out of the room like sheep. The 'boss' was still at home!

Turns out we didn't need to get anything anyway!