Monday, December 20, 2010

Give Kuwait | My Entry

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H said...

Wonderful pic! lucky me.. I was the 100th one to vote. Good luck

His said...

Nice :) good luck

Nicole said...

Gorgeous photo!
Too bad I need a Civil ID... wonder how I became a customer with Wataniya without it :/
Best of Luck!

Ms Loala said...

Liked your shot!
I voted for it, so best of luck :)

On a completely different note, i wanted to ask you something but didn't know where, so i thought i should write it here.

I emptied my browser's cache, temporary internet files, cookies etc, but somehow my conversations history in MSN is deleted! I never deleted them so i'm guessing that they got deleted with the whole process.
I downloaded couple of programs (Data Rescue 3 and Mackeeper) and they required another disk volume in order to recover the files to it (which is a different case now, don't wanna bother you with it). So is there another solution for retrieving those deleted files? an a manner "cleaner" than regular data recovery?

Many thanks

Ms Loala said...

*disk image

MacaholiQ8 said...

@ H & His
Thank you :D

@ Nicole
Thanks! Without a civil ID? Maybe you used your passport.

@ Ms Loala:
Thank you.

Clearing browsing history has nothing to do with your MSN conversations history. They should be saved on your computer... Go to

Documents > Microsoft User Data > Microsoft > Microsoft Messenger History

They should be there. If not then I'm afraid I cannot help, sorry. :/

Nicole said...

Yep, passport - but why can I not put that in the submission form,... grrr.... ;-)
Could never catch up with you anyway :-D

intlxpatr said...

Mac, that is a beautiful picture.

Mathai said...

sorry about the late vote. Wish you all the best :)