Monday, November 09, 2009

Review | Munch

Tasteless |ˈtāstlis|
1 lacking flavor.
2 considered to be lacking in aesthetic judgment or to offend against what is regarded as appropriate behavior : a tasteless joke.

After my bad experience with Japanese food I thought I'd never have anything worse than that but then came Munch.

The best word to describe my experience with Munch is "Tasteless". In fact if you look closely in the dictionary for synonyms of the word tasteless you'd fine "Munch" listed.

This restaurant stands solely on it's hyped decoration and food presentation. Other than that, nothing at all. The service is inadequate, the menu is unreadable, the drinks are made from Sunquick concentrated juice with some add-ons, their fries can be found in City Centre market, their kitchen ventilation system is so noisy you'd think you're in a heavy industry plant, and the food is another story... The food tastes like mud. Yes, Mud! The salads, pasta, burger... No salt at all! Seems their cook has some blood pressure issues.

Definitely the last time I take internet marketing for granted. Oh and a word of advice... Stay away from Bang Bang Chicken salad. Unless you want to vee.o.em.eye.tee.


Anonymous said...

LOL, so tell us how you really feel, Mac!

My husband and I are careful about salt use (age thing; I hope you never have to watch your salt intake) and when we go out, we often marvel at how GOOD food tastes in restaurants, and then we laugh and say, "of course, they use salt!"

What a waste of money if the food doesn't have any taste!

Zabo0o6a said...

Never tried but i had it on my list to try !
So how come ur eating japanese food nowadays ?:P

Mathai said...

LOL! I love your review! I saw a lot of other blogs that praised Munch to high heaven but your review is quite the opposite. =)

Ms Loala said...

Oh my!! It's true they say don't judge the book by its cover. The enormous publicity and the mouth watering pictures made it almost sacred for me to try it out!!
Glad your reviewed it ;\

However, i think that the owner is taking suggestions and comments on his blog. I think you might wanna contact him to fix the menu as the restaurant is new and is up for a decent change ..

Ms Loala said...

Oops! Forgot to change my ID ..... this one works??

Ms Loala said...


I know know i'm a spammer .... "logs off"

Elya said...

i denounce your statement about japanese food..! it takes only the most heigheten

...other than that, sure right on
nice blog btw!