Friday, September 26, 2008


Back from the dead. It's been almost a month hasn't it? Well blame it on this stupid Windows PC and Ramadan football tournaments so let me get this over with and put everything in one post...

Corvette for Sale

Model: 2007 Corvette C6
ODDO: 17,000 KM
Features: Black interior,
perfect condition,
automatic transmission,
removable top.
Contact: Hani @ 66565560

More MacBook Pro news and expectations

According to writer Seth Weintraub new MacBook Pros and maybe MacBooks will hit the market somewhere between mid October, predictably the 14th (give or take a few weeks).

He has listed some expectations on the MBP and what it might get equipped with. [link]

Some are amazing features like that OLED keyboard but I highly doubt we'd see it on next generation MBPs. Even if it's true it would probably be optional and costs a lot.

Another interesting topic about Wireless USB hub. [link]

Now that would be really nifty.

Bad luck?

His name is Jerman, he's Dutch, he plays pro indoor football/soccer... and I happened to play against him in bo-5amseen tournament.

Our team reached a good point in that tournament then we had to face BMW team where Mr. Dutchman plays. At first I didn't know who the *censored* is Jerman. Everybody kept telling me to watch out from him and be cautious and stuff... I did not give a damn. That's where I learned the hard way. In simple words "I got OWN3D". :/

Quest Club

Here is a simple theory on QuestNet vs. Fight Club...

Now I'm sure a lot of you have heard about communities worldwide. Based on network marketing, Questnet is basically "spreading the word and getting money for doing so". Just like Biznass and Emperor Dinar but that's not the point...

Lately there have been groups here in Kuwait making advantage of this so-called business by getting together and forming a bond between their "tree members". They have formed some kind of underground community just like Fight Club and they have rules for that too.

Like Fight Club the first rule "Never talk about Fight Club", here the first rule is "Never talk about the business in front of anybody". The second rule in the movie is "Never Talk About Fight Club" *emphasis*, second rule in Quest Club is "Always Talk About Quest"... Erm, how is that possible conflicting with the first rule?

The third rule in the movie is "If this is your first day then you have to Fight", in Quest Club the third rule is "If this is your first day you have attend training". Training for brain-mass-destruction and how to spam people around you.

The last rule I recall in Fight Club people take off their clothes, except their pants of course, to conceal their background (rich, poor.. etc.)... in Quest Club you're ought to wear formal clothes also to conceal your background and give the best impression for the business "Dress to impress!".

And last but not least one of the funniest things ever, in the movie Edward Norton and Brad Pitt succeeded in making a strong group of loyal followers who would do anything without asking why. Here in Quest Club they have a motto that says "Shut-up, Listen, Do". In other words do what you're told to do without asking why! Damn it.

I'd rather die waiting to win Al-Jawhara million before being part of those stray followers.

My cellphone number jumped from 200KD to a fine 1000KD, or even more, with the latest 8 digit upgrade. I love it. :)

And that's about all. Hopefully new MacBook Pros will be out soon so I can start blogging on regular basis like I used to.

Peace and out.


Ms Loala said...

See ...? Now you can sell your number and accomplish your five year plan and spare us all the hassle :P

And don't tell me you have been a victim of QuestNet ...
My brother fell for it, and as you put it: "spammed" the hell of our lives.
Thankfully my dad was there to talk him out of it and put some sense to his head. The promise of prosperous fortune was consuming his mind. I don't know how they do that, it's like a freaking brain wash :\

@ the car,
Please tell me you're earning something for this! I can't believe you're doing this kind heartedly! Magdar a9adig, qaweya xD

Welcome back!

Charmbracelet said...

cool abt ur phone phone number 9ar number wasnt as good as now !=p lol
i dont like corvettes !=/ =p

Anonymous said...

Etbee3? ;p

Joud said...

u're the first i see who is glad about the 8th digit. everyone else is bitching about it

iNoor said...

etha nzal shay esma MacBook Tablet ante7er!

elijah said...

and he;s back :)did u have to add a 9 or a 6, im assuming 9 wouldn't do it for ur number, it must be a 6 right?

kwt23 said...

Now i don't want apple to update its notebooks :P

The Criticizer said...

1000KD isn't enough to let me scratch my five year plan. :P

Unfortunately yes but I managed to pull out on my own will.

Haha.. wallah my friend asked for it and I couldn't refuse! xD

Yeah some people had benefits from this 8 digit upgrade and some went downhill. :P

I don't like vettes either but I'm just helping out a friend.

For the highest price, yes. How much are you willing to pay? :P

I guess I'm lucky! :P

Who wants a tablet Mac for daily use?

Yes... 6 = wataniya.
Now it's 6666**** :D

The Criticizer said...

I hate to disappoint you but you know there will always be newer models. ;p

bumo said...

Raqmik 9ar mo 9ij :P

I think Questnet's owner is wanted by Interpol...?

The Criticizer said...

7athreen afa 3laik. :D

Nope, everything is legitimate but people out here are taking it way too seriously. :/