Saturday, March 14, 2009

Scavenger Hunt

My entry to Nicole's 1st Scavenger Hunt photography game.

What is a Scavenger Hunt?

"You grab your camera and the list I will give you and shoot pictures of the “items” on that list. Preferably the shots are new shots, not out of the archive. But that’s up to you."

You know who to vote for !! o(>_<)o


1) local currency

36.750 KD = 124.57 $ = 96.36 € = 89.00 £
*today's exchange rate* :P

2) local flag

3) local food
Not really "the" local food but I couldn't get a pic of "machboos"
so, this is the only thing I came up with.

4) something rusty

5) local wildlife

6) local nature

7) local stamp

8) part of your neighborhood

9) traditional house

Diwan Al-Shamlan. :)

10) a local person

11) local weather
Yeah right. That's just one day in 365 days.
The real weather is a mix of humidity and/or sand storms. :P

12) local transportation

13) traditional local clothing

14) night sky
Cityscape on a clear night.

15) sunrise

Correction: I posted this as "Sunset" on Intlxpatr's Kuwaiti Sunset Challenge. After checking the details it turned out to be a sunrise! My mistake. :P

16) local product non food
"Souq Al-Safafeer".
To someone begins with an "i".. Feels cosy doesn't it? :P

17) something furry

18) something feathery

19) a sign of the season

20) a part of you
The devil's footprint matching my foot at Frauenkirche :P

21) your main hobby

22) a local shop
The only thing I could get. Plaza Mall.

23) a local restaurant

Marina Waves (?three? restaurants) I lost count.

24) a street sign

25) a local mail box


Zabo0o6a said...

Aham shay gethlat badoor :P
Loved the collection though!

Anonymous said...

liked them all!

NicoleB said...

Love them all :)!
My Fav is the local person I think.

I think, I miss the Photo ops in Kuwait,..., but then I start to remember the heat,...nah,..... ;)

The Voting Poll is up - send your people on over to vote for you :)

mythopolis said...

Fascinating to get these glimpses of your part of the world....thanks!

Scriber's Web said...

Love the glimpse into your world! Thanks for participating. My favorite is also the local person photo:)

Chris said...

Great job on the scavenger hunt. You found some amazing scenes and took excellent photos. Nicely done!

Charmbracelet said...

ALLAAH ! wanasaa!very nice =)

Pamela said...

This has been a delightful meme.

I think my favorite shot in your hunt is the one of the local person -- bare foot, resting, and all the boats in the background.

iNoor said...

3ashan pic #16 I voted for you, wallaaaah :P

Anonymous said...

#10 is an amazing shot!

yala i voted for you...soo what do i get in return? : P

Ballerina Girl said...

great job...thanks for sharing your world!

Kristi said...

Interesting Photos! Nice job on the photo hunt

Mojo said...

I've been trying to pick a favorite form each entry, but in this case I'm not sure I can pick just one. I love your night sky shot, but it's hard to top that soccer ball shot. You've got a bunch of winners here!

:::ShoSho::: said...

Oh that is very interesting! and i loved your photos!!

Anonymous said...

Your "local person" shot is so superior to all the rest that it just stands out. They are all good; I just wish they were all bigger. (I clicked on them to see them bigger!) Well done, MAC! (Now I have to go vote for you!)

organicsyes said...

wonderful to see how you live:)

mohd said...

gotta love the local product! great pix

Ms Loala said...

I loved the local pictures the most!

I voted for you, good luck ;)

Navy Girl said...

am i too late ?

MacaholiQ8 said...

Thanks guys. Glad you like the shots. :)

Thank you for this great challenge. :)

I intentionally made them small to avoid stealing my shots. Let me know which ones you want bigger and I will be glad to send them to you by email. :)

navy g:
Nope, you're not late. You can still vote for me. :)

Navy Girl said...

Damn right i will !!!

and i did :D

inshala you will win !!

Ali said...

I need to get a cam soon, mine is 6 pixels but big size (two years old) i need to get one of the new small ones, there are always interesting things to shoot while driving.

elijah said...

Hey hun great pics

i voted for you :)

Anonymous said...
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MacaholiQ8 said...

Thanks guys!

Always a pleasure to know you're still around. :)