Saturday, April 11, 2009

Mac Support, Anyone?

This just got hilarious.

The problem:
Today I got a call from someone I don't know saying he got my number from someone I've never even heard of asking me for help to fix his Mac.

The Story:
I usually get random/anonymous emails asking me for help regarding their Mac. All in good will I do my best and try to resolve their problems if I can, but I never had anyone calling me on my cellphone asking for help.

I don't want to complain (I think I just did) because it's my pleasure to help but calling me on my cellphone without knowing who I am and what I do is wrong.

I'm not your hotline Mac support team. If you have any problems regarding your Mac and think I can help email me, Do NOT call.

To the guy who called: Hope you're reading this.


iNoor said...

اذكر انك مرة حطيت رقمك هني أول ما زادوا أرقام التليفونات

يمكن شيّر الباجي

iNoor said...

لووووول والله مو آنا

MacaholiQ8 said...

NOOR! Haha, that cracked me up! I don't even remember posting that! xD

What are you? Blogger archive?! :D

If it was a girl I would have thought it was you but it was a guy. o(>_<)o

iNoor said...

كُلُ ما في الأمر أن ذاكرتي قوية
قول ماشالله

بعدين شحقه اتصل؟
I prefer e-mailing =P

Abdul Mohsen said...

How was the convo? ;Pp

Samara_waladna said...

you got a lot of fans homme!

I need your help with my Mac?

Loolykinns said...

The evil company is monitoring you!!

Bashar said...

HUH!!! Some people are just naggy to get what they want!

Anonymous said...

Before I blogged, I used to write trip reports to my 300 closest friends. I would get letters starting "You don't know me, you don't even know the person I sat next to on the plane who gave me your trip report, but he used to be married to the sister of your best friend in college" LLOOLL. I always loved getting those letters, but I am not a phone person, and would HATE to have people I don't know calling me for trip information on the phone.

I am so bad that if the number isn't identified, I usually won't answer anyway, I am just not a phone person.

Mathai said...

ah maybe its coz your fame has spread across the Internet ! :P
but someone actually calling you for support is wrong and creepy !
btw my friend has a problem with his mac book. I'll send you an email with the details, hope you can help.

MacaholiQ8 said...


Better keep it that way. :P

Him: Hello
Me: Hello
Him: Is this Mac?
Me: Ahem.. Umm.. yeah?!!!
Him: Hi, my name is ****** I got your number from ******. I have a problem regarding...... etc. Can you help me fix it or come buy and fix it here in my place?
Me: I don't know the guy you mentioned and I don't do maintenance, sorry.
Him: Oh, sorry to bother you.
Me: *silence*
Bye x bye

Fans I can live with but not stalkers and @$$ kissers.
Anything for you mate. :D

*gasp* !!!

True. :\

Yeah that's my point. I'd love to help people but just not over the phone. :\


Mathai said...

He tried the steps as mentioned in your mail but the external mic still doesnt work. I'll be visiting him this week to check it out myself and then maybe I can send you a detailed description. Thanks for your help

Ms Loala said...

LOL! ouch XD

I gotta admit it's kinda rude but also flattering.
Anyways, i think now's the perfect time to open up a mac workshop. You can earn extra money instead of *cough* blog advertising *cough* :P

*Feels like a mail spammer and decideds to stop asking questions*

elijah said...


i think Mac should pay you

MacaholiQ8 said...

In response to your email...
Glad it worked. You're welcome. :)

Ms Loala:
LOL! Actually this is the most critical time of my life! Once I get past this phase I will make sure to consider starting a Mac-related business. ;)

Yes yes they should but I don't think they care about effort! :(


Missy said...

okay i just read ths :p fix my mac pleaaaaase? *puppy eyes*

Mohammed said...

Wow, hah, this is both funny and scary. It's just isn't right. If I were you I'd send him an SMS with this post :p but that would be mean, haha.

MacaholiQ8 said...

I wish I can help but I can't think of anything that could resolve the issue. Sorry. :\

MacaholiQ8 said...

It is scary. I do wish he read this. :p

desertpalms said...

loooool that just takes the piss!

i cant believe he asked you to go round to his place as if you worked for him or something!! wallah 7aaallaa hahaha

MacaholiQ8 said...

Yeah, he's stupid. :\