Friday, September 11, 2009

Snow Leopard | Review

Before I start with Snow Leopard I'd like to point out one simple reason why I think OS X is far more superior than Windows... OS X is easier to handle and a lot more user friendly than Windows. In other words "It Just Works!".

I did not anticipate much from this version and I think I was right. There's nothing much to it other than small touch-ups here and there including QuickTime X, Expose, Stacks, and best of all becoming 64-bits standard although we still cannot have full benefits of it yet.

As for the negative part my MacBook Pro started to overheat. The fans used to idle at 2000rpm, now they're running at 2750rpm when idle and have the tendency to reach up to 6200rpm in extreme cases. I'm not sure what could be the case as I was discussing this issue with my friend Bu Yousef the other day but Snow Leopard wasn't involved. My guess is 64-bits is squeezing every spot available in the processor/memory hence it overheats. It's all good as long as my Mac keeps running fine.

To conclude I think this version is quite stable and can be safely installed without any concerns.


Ms Loala said...

As you said, you wouldn't find that much of a difference except for minor touch ups.

As for the heating issue, don't you think that the fact your have a laptop, having this much speed may impose pressure on the fans?

Just a thought though ..

bumo said...

Q. Why is it that when i run skype and webcam or VLC and watch a movie my mac always runs at 80 degrees Celsius with the fans on full blast?

Bu Yousef said...

Two of your many good tips are probably useful for others:

1. install iStat on Dashboard.
2. Overheating is more of a problem during charging. I avoid YouTube and Skype if I have to charge.

Thanks again :)

bumo said...

Thnx bo yousef

Abdul Mohsen said...

I'm starting a petition to have you blog more often

elijah said...

OMG i can't believe i've been away so long!! VERY belated congrats on ur engagement hun. how's everything going?

MacaholiQ8 said...

Your thought is right. Laptop processors are so compressed that they need to squeeze each and every part of its digital brain to function fast thus overheat rapidly.

New blog entry.

Bu Yousef:
You're most welcome. :)

abdul mohsen:
LOL! Lately I've been caught up with furnishing and stuff hence I have no time for blogging but I promise I will make it up to you guys.

Thanks! :)
I'm still in a mess with the furnishing operation and so far so good. I need to finish asap. :/

iNoor said...

Installed it 5ala9?

يصير اتسلفه منك؟ ساعد أخاك المسلم واكسب الأجر

Anonymous said...

LOL iNoor! XD

MacaholiQ8, didn't you feel that apps are now snappier? Safari, for example, starts up in an instant!

MacaholiQ8 said...

Sure no problem :P

Yeah, hence I'm using it more often. :)

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