Tuesday, December 15, 2009

When School Administration Collapses

If you stay at work for a long time you start to care less about changes around you but when you leave work for a period of time and get back every change will be exposed to your eyes and you'll feel different, it even takes time for you to adapt with these changes.

I left my job for a couple of weeks and today I marked my come back and to my shock the school is not how I left it. Both assistant principals are gone due to heated dispute between the two, school principal comes late and leaves early, students are in a state of disorder skipping classes and running away from school, teachers can barely contain the situation and continue with their classes.

Trying to resolve all these problems we implemented physical discipline upon those who have helped building up the chaos. We suspended a couple of students and retained order for a period of time up until the first recess, students went out writing on walls and spilling juice on some of the writing boards. From there it went downhill again.

It's hard for me to admit but the situation is out of hand and this snowball is going fast down the mountain. All we can hope for is to have two new assistant principals who better be very strong and very strict as fast as possible.

When school administration collapses brats of hullabaloo prevail.


Bu Yousef said...

Where is this? Kuwait?
Sounds like a real mess!

Swair. said...

Not surprised *sighs*

P.S. Linked your posts labelled "iTeach" to the blog post I'm working on now :)