Saturday, June 19, 2010

Modern Shishas / Hookahs

Meduse Pipes by Meduse Design

The Narghile by Nedda Al Asmar
For Airdiem Paris

The Unit 3.0

Shishavac (Preparation System for pipes)


Shwaish said...

i thought u quit :p

Bu Yousef said...

You can't make cheap habits sophisticated... No matter how hard you polish.

It's fine as it is..

بصيص said...

I don't suppose those modern artistic sheeshahs are designed to be used at Bu-Najee type of coffee houses. So may be they are collectables which may be worth something one day.

I would like to get one for my old uncle, but I guess he might want to stick to his old fashioned gidoo

MacaholiQ8 said...

Shisha worth $1800 USD or even more I know for a fact I'd never use it. Only for display.

hookahs said...

Yes,that is a lot of money but it's definitely worth it. It's liker a vice without the bad effects. it is super cool! I love hookahs! Thanks for sharing this with us. More power to you!