Sunday, September 05, 2010

Apple, Inc. Will Inherit the World

If you're familiar with video games then you know Umbrella Corp. from Resident Evil series and how it controlled the virtual world of the game. If you have watched Wall-E you know how Buy n Large (BnL) mega corp. dominated the virtual world of the movie and space too. In our world Apple Inc. is becoming the real world Umbrella / Buy n Large. Why?

For the past quarter century Apple have evolved from computer hardware and software development to portable gadgets and all the way to mobile cellphones, initially changing their brand name from Apple Computer, Inc. to Apple, Inc. to invade the latter market (portables market) with new innovations and not to be stuck with computers only. In stock market Apple (AAPL) is always on a rising tide. No matter how it gets knocked down it gets back up again and at some point exceed expectations.

AAPL stock chart through the past 25 years

So what makes Apple so special? Apple simply makes unique things we crave, things barely 10~15 years ago we could only dream of. Apple may not be the first or the only company making these gadgets but they sure know how to make a stunning product. They are making unique stuff that other companies can't, or let's just say don't dare, to produce.

Ok, that's interesting, but what will make it inherit the world?

If you look closely nowadays, not a day goes by without hearing, reading, or seeing something that has to do with Apple. You have a Mac, your sibling has an iPhone, your cousin has an iPod, your neighbor has an Apple logo sticker on his car. It's everywhere.

Unlike other brands Apple has products available for all consumers. No age limit, no profession limit, and gender-neutral. You see a 3-year old kid solving puzzles on his iPod touch. You see 80-years old lady reading Bible/Qur'an on her iPad. Regular teenager on her iPhone, businessman on his MacBook. Even governments / presidents use Apple products. [link]

People started to refer to their Apple products as if they invented them. "My iPhone does this. - My Mac has that... etc". They start to brag and boast as if they were the ones who built it from scratch. It's become part of their lifestyle and worst of all part of their ego. What Apple earned from this is an army of devoted consumers and heap marketing for free.

Apple has two major propellers to their success aside to their diehard fans...

  • They know how to attract more customers and best of all how to make older customers in their need. No matter how perfect their products are they always have something to spoil the fun and make you want to upgrade your product or buy a newer model, hence getting back to the mighty Apple.
  • Two of the world major great powers have their back. United States where their designs and planning is done, and China where their products get built. Having two great powers on your side makes you a super power.

They have dominated the Music market on the internet and working their way on dominating the Movies market as well. There are rumors of Apple flat panel TVs to compete in the market someday in the near future.

In the next 25 years we'd see Apple make microwaves, refrigerators, blenders, all the way to cars, trains, or even spaceships for all I know, but whether hated or loved, Apple Inc. is dominating our surroundings and eventually will inherit the world.


sweetd said...

How about toothbrushes!? and become a huge brand store with anything or everything..i totally agree with your post..!!! their products r the best..I luv their computers and phones and pads :P hehe I'm thinking of getting the new iphone 4 but hesitating :/ but at the same time i want it! i dontknow what it is..i think their presentation and choise of the colour WHITE it make u see the product differently..some how very futurisitc and beautiful..know what i mean? I got my first mac product as a gift before it was a haba in kuwait :P hehe and loved it!

intlxpatr said...

Mac, don't you think one of the secrets to their success is that you don't have to even read a manual to operate an Apple 'thingy', you just buy it and it's all sort of obvious, the operations are intuitive. That is genius.

Hope all is well with you and you are enjoying your new status.

Q8 All In One said...

All I can say is I hate iTunes. Its driving me crazy. why can't we just drag and drop the file??