Saturday, November 27, 2010

Life Clock

My summary

Your Age: 27.4 years
Projected Life Span (total years you will live): 66.4
Projected Life Expectancy (years remaining): 39

The average life span for your region is 66. You are expected to live 0.40000000000001 years longer than average due to your health and lifestyle.

GENDER: -2.5 years
Men live 5 years less than women. Not much you can do about that. But don't worry, female smokers loose a year more than men so your smoking has baught you a year, right? NOT!

Your family history rewards you with a few extra years. Remember to thank your mom.

SMOKING: -4 years
Smoking places you at high risk of developing lung cancer. Heavy smokers could loose 15 years (some estimates are as high as 25 years). Smoking will further shorten your happy years, making your final days a nightmare of suffering and medical treatment. It takes 10 years for the risk of lung cancer to return to that of a non-smoker and 15 for heart attack risk to return to normal. Stop smoking now before it's too late.

DRINKING: 0 years
You could benifit from drinking one or two glasses of red wine per day

WEIGHT: 0 years (BMI: 23)
Your BMI score classifies you as normal. Grats. Go treat yourself to a double fudge, candy topped, chocolate coated, three scoop ice cream cone. You've earned it.

HEALTH: 0 years
Keep living right and maybe you will never have to worry about hypertension, cholesterol, and blood sugar levels.

DIET: -3 years
I won't lecture you on what foods you should be eating. I'm sure you already know. Is 3 years of life worth the sacrifice? Your choice.

EXERCISE: 1 years
Exercising 20-40 minutes each day can add many years to your life.

HAPPINESS: 2 years
As Emerson said, "Happiness is a perfume you cannot pour on others without getting a few drops on yourself." Keep smiling :)

EDUCATION: 1 years
Not surprisingly, higher education equals longer life.

DRIVING: 2 years
You're no fool.The average person has a 30% chance of being in a serious accident in their lifetime but your odds are lower than average.

Try it yourself...

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