Saturday, March 24, 2012

Zain Bahrain | Blood Sucking *censored*

I would like to send out the longest, loudest and meanest curse upon Zain Bahrain for being such a *censored* in the @$$.

For seven months now I have had my Zain prepaid line working without Internet. Last week I tried to give it a shot and try their weekly subscription. When I asked about the service they said for 2BD I will have 1GB of data, and I will receive a message BEFORE the service expires telling me either it will be automatically renewed or the credit is insufficient and it gets turned off. I subscribed last saturday and it expired yesterday, Friday, while I had about 3.5BD credit. The service did not renew automatically, it simply expired without sending me a notice message.

I woke up today to find that my credit had vanished and the service is not renewed. When I called their customer service the guy said I will forward your complaint and they will get back to you soon. Few hours later I get a message "Dear Zainer, your subscription at the Data Bundle service failed to be renewed automatically, kindly check your balance and dial *555# to subscribe. Call 107 for more details." *censored*!

No wonder why my credit just vanished when I had my cellular data running with no subscription, but that is not my fault. They should either send the message before expiry or at least hold the subscription from sucking credit! Besides, my credit was more than sufficient. It should have been renewed normally without any problems.

So here's the thing, if this issue doesn't get resolved soon then it's war between me and Zain.


Saif said...

Thu think Etisalat use is better?
Just recently they offered a service to disconnect your data if you exceed your quota.
Previously if you exceed your data bundle they'd stay charging you money and you wouldn't even know tool your credit finished or you got your bill at the end of the month.
Now they'll send you an SMS before it finished by 500 MN and will disconnect your data when your finish your quota.
Here's the best part:

You can't request this service over the phone or through a regular agent.
There is option when applying for the data.
I had to ask for it, she wrote it manually by hand on my application form then went to get a manager to approve it!!!!!

What am I applying for?
Guns or nuclear weapons?

They're making it difficult to attain this service .

Nicole Burgoz said...

Wataniya just ripped us off on one week. For the coming month we took screen prints,...

Hashim Al-Musawi said...

@Saif @Nicole

Damn blood sucking companies. We should stand against those leachers and fight! :(

Sabkahawa said...

Hello Hashim Al-Musawi,

I work for Zain Bahrain, I would like to help you to solve your issue and clear it.

Can you please send me the case number and your contact number by email:

Appreciated and have a wonderful day,


eMarketing Project Manager
Zain Bahrain

Hashim Al-Musawi said...

Problem has been resolved. Thank you.