Thursday, May 08, 2008

On Porsche and Art

Got a new Porsche and don't know what else to do with it other than driving around? Sick of it already? Then check this outrageous video and you might get an idea of what to do with it next.

This German a$$-ho... I mean "artist" trashed a brand new 997 Porsche Carrera S.

As our good ol' persian messenger in the movie (300) said:



:::ShoSho::: said...

OMG what would my son say?!

iNoor said...

Way3a! Das ist heller Wahnsinn!

Big Pearls said...

love porsche!

The Criticizer said...

Tell him a great soldier has fallen. R.I.P. ;p

Ja, mein Punkt genau! Dieser Kerl sollte getötet werden!!

big pearls:
Who doesn't? Gimme names so I can slit their throats. ;p

ur_prince said...

OMG! What's wrong with them! I love Porshe.

Well, Thanks for your comments regarding the DSLR. Actually just based my opinion based on the pics.. Hehe! The Rbel Xt looks more awesome than the Rbel Xti, now that I know then I choose the XTI. But I'm still on the look out. I already check the Sony.. Amazing!

Keep you posted!

noonie said...

7arram..!y would he do that..??!

noonie said...
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noonie said...

and wat language r u and inoor talking ?!;/ lol

Fayoora said...

Yam3awwad, Ashwa Moo Ferrari ;$

elijah said...

hehe, i can imagine how pissed u are :D

i posted because of u!! :)

Anonymous said...

loco said...

7emdella wa sheeker :S chethy esawoooon :P

Anonymous said...

KWT23 said...

non-related question: do u know when new macs (notebooks) will be out?

elijah said...

have u seen this, didnt see ur comment there so i assumed u haven't

The Criticizer said...

Yeah that artist is carzy!
Good luck.

Ask him!
German. :P

Youtube it, you might find one as well. :P

I am pissed!
Great to see you posting again. Now keep it up. :D
I saw that post but I never commented because it freaks me out. :P

They're stupid.

June 2008, hopefully.

KWT23 said...

r u sure about new macbooks in june? i can wait up to 3 months for a new mac, but not longer. I dont want to wait for nothing, really.

The Criticizer said...

I wish I can assure you but I'm not sure. I'm just an enthusiast just like anyone else.

Their next conference will be held on June 2008 and since MacBook and iMac got a lot of revamps lately I presume the MBP will get one sooner rather than later. Just a theory though if you want my advice, wait for their conference, if there's something new go ahead and get it, if there's nothing new get what's in the market without hesitation.

Good luck.