Sunday, May 25, 2008

Review | Wasabi

Everybody knows I never take chances when it comes to fill my stomach when I'm hungry, and I don't think I have learned my lesson from my past experience with Japanese food at Maki, so here comes the story closure for ALL Japanese restaurants...

My friends, as always, insisted we try something new and they chose Wasabi. I told them I'm hungry and I really need to eat something good. "Ohhhh you'll eat your chopsticks" they said and so off we went.

When you go there you'll see their cozy environment, nice reception, good service and so many "calming" things which is very good, but the odd side is people just don't know how to mind their own business. They scan every living creature going in and out the restaurant. They stare so bad I though I'm a new inmate in a jail. In other words it's a place to see and be seen.

Now for the food there's no doubt that Japanese food has it's own fans. Their chopped up rolls look delicious you'd never want to touch it, just sit there and watch because once you taste one roll you'd want to stick those chopsticks down a Japanese chef's throat. The only edible dish was the Beef Rolls and still they don't really taste that good either but I guess I was really hungry.

The price wasn't as high as Maki though it still is overpriced for a small roll of ?raw? meat.

And to conclude the Japanese food series we pray...

Thank god for the blessing of Mach-bos,
Thank god for the sweet taste of Ma7shi,
Thank god for hummus and shesh kebabs,
Thank god for the heap bags of rice so our moms cook what's best for us,
And god bless our mothers for not making our traditional food anything close to Japanese food.

*goes to Al-Tabbab*


:::ShoSho::: said...

LoooooooL I also donno what is the big fuss about Japanese food ?!!! I mean, maybe it's just a fashion .. sometimes i feel people are PRETENDING to say they like it to go on with the fashion??

The only thing I really liked in Maki, which i went to once, is the beans thing, boiled or something like that.. shisma big green fasoolya.. Madri you know it or not..

But the rest is Blekh!

Enigma said...

I'm not a big fan of Japanese, and I haven't tried Wasabi.. Maki's beef rolls are amazing though. 7ady mishtahya hummus!

chika said...

laaaa 3ad ella Wasabi! a3len el 7arb 3aleik! :p

I like their menu and prices are fine in comparison with other Japanese Rests.

Bel 3afia and Viva Les Kebabs and Houssous!

:::ShoSho::: said...

Although, I would like to go again, because people in my family are telling me i haven't tried the good stuff!

I only got one chance as i am abroad and when i am in kuwait, I plan and plan to do things but nothing happens.. maybe i didn't taste the good things in there?

Enigma said...

shosho that's edamami, and u should try the ones at Hashi they are so yummy. Hashi's good too, it's japanese/chinese and i love chinese food.

iNoor said...

وانت ليش كلا ما عندك حظ ويا المطاعم؟

استغفرالله الأكل الياباني مادري شلون ياكلونه
ترى هبة، يعني كعادتهم الشعب الكويتي الموقر لازم كل فترة يطلعون لنا بشي، وهالأيام هابين بكل شي ياباني.. عاد اليابانيين خبولة حتى الزهيوي ياكلونه

بس ماكو عالأكل الأيراني صراحتن
تحس أنك قاعد تاكل أككككككككل

بس عاد يعنا :P

Y-Maeda said...

Hello nice to meet you.
KO-N-NI-CHI-WA (^_^)v
I am Japanese.
I saw your wonderful site.
Please link to this site !

ge0 said...

In same boat buddy, eat Kuwaiti, Irani and Indian food only:)

noonie said...

LOL e walla thank god! Eheh or close to Chinese either!! I like wasabis chicken and beef teryaki only!

Princess said...

loooooooooooooool 9a7 elsanik! i dnt like all the food u mentioned in ur prayer but its MUCH better than sushi

dishevelled said...

i love the food at wasabi!
I honestly think it's better than Maki a bizzalion times :P
I consider Maki "kuwaiti japanese". They put mayo and sauces on almost everything, it's barely the simple japanese anymore.

Purgatory said...

Wasabi sucks

:::ShoSho::: said...

LoL @ Noor Abiii Marag Fasinjooon :(

Anonymous said...

Thank god for American and Italian Food, For Burgers, fries, pizza and Pasta.

Thank god for creating cocoa trees.
and for whoever discovered it and mixed it with milk.

Thank god I'm not Chinese.

PS: I placed a final post;p

il3ameed said...

I love the last bit in italics.. well put.

Swair. said...

LOL 9aaaaj! (not the food, inta 9aj)

I *haaate* japanese food, la wasabi wela rab3a...

Allah ekhalee el machboooos ;p

Zabo0o6a said...

fashaltna mat3aref takel :Pp
t3al ana awadeek o a6lablek ;)

Zabo0o6a said...

ee nesait bs u pay :Pp

Bashar said...

My rule of thumb in food: khalik 3la maynonik :)

I never wanna try Chinese, Japanese or any such food. My friends hate me when going out I knpw :P

Ansam said...

ohhh I live for this stuff... I am so much in love with Japanese food, not Maki though :-P

If you have time, you may want to read my review on the new Japanese restaurant opening soon :-) it was gooooddd

The Criticizer said...

Oh no trust me you have tasted everything pretty well from the first time because all of them are the same. Slimy food just doesn't work. *barf*

Yeah, Maki's beef rolls were better in taste but still they all taste like *censored* allah edeem el ni3ma.
Hummus bil-la7ma please.

Allah e3afeech. :D
Enjoy your Jap food and I'll enjoy them Kebabs. ;p

I don't know! It's like everything new just won't cut it for me.
*craves SHESH LEAK!*
*wipes his saliva off the keyboard*

Arigato gozaimasu *bow*

That's more like it. :D

Didn't try those, I'm sure they're better than what I had.

What do you eat then? Chapatti? Mandi?! :P

Japanese tastes nothing like it looks. It looks aesthetic.

And so other Jap food restaurants.

Yep, thank god for Chapatti too!
*goes to check*

Glad you do. ;P

LOL @ 9aj food!
Yep, allah e5ally el machboos.

*gasp* akil ma fe t3arf wila ma t3arf, it's all about taste, and I don't like that kind of food.
Ok I'm paying but hey if I don't like the food you ought to cook dinner for me every day for two weeks! :D

Exactly my motto, bas 7ikumk el qawi 3al tha3eef, they force me to go there with them. :/

Heh, as I mentioned in my post Japanese food has its own fans and fortunately I'm not one of them. Enjoy Jap food. ;p

Zabo0o6a said...

lol , it's a done deal ;)
btw ur mom's ma7shi is awesome

The Criticizer said...

DEAL! I'll just eat and say I don't like it. Go warm-up for the cookin'. ;p

Linus said...

never tried sushi! But I love Japanese Ramen (real Japanese ramen I mean not the boxed one) !!! It just tastes so damn goooooooood!
And yeah it's only a "haba" right now. Just like when everyone went crazy with the cone pizza.

Maradona10 said...

عاد انت .. ويا الأكل حظك أغبر


بس الأكل الياباني صراحة ما عليه كلام

أول شي صحي .. وفايدته فيه
لأنه غير مطبوخ ..

يعني مثل الأسماك وباقي الكائنات البحرية

يفضل إنها تكون نية .. عند الأكل

للحصول على اكبر فائدة ممكنة

ثاني شي

قطعة السوشي الوحدة

فيها وجبة متكاملة من جميع النواحي

عيش وخضار ولحم

وتقدر تزيد الفايدة
مع اللذة بغمس

قطعة السوشي بالصويا سوس

وأكيد تعرف فايدة الصويا

وإذا حاب .. تتشلوط شوي

حط الواسابي

أفا عليك بس

زين تعال

انت اش حادك على السوشي

عندهم اكلات وايد غير

وترضي جميع الأذواق

بس مثل ما قلت في بدايتي

حظك أغبر

Navy Girl said...

huhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh no way !!!!!!!!!!!!! what is it with you people and " wasabi " !!! i love it !!!!! my god i beg everyone around me to go there , no one likes it , not my friends not even my family !!! i love it !!! just try the veggie stuff :D did you try the green valley salad ??? oh god yummy !!!!

The Criticizer said...

Exactly! I never fell for those fads.

LOL! int 3laik sowalif xD

Navy G.:
I tried some salad and it wasn't good. :/
Enjoy your food there.

elijah said...

Don't u dare say anything about maki!! try the Creamy Lobster Tail and the Issa Maki I'm going crazy here cuz they dont have a branch in London!!

The Criticizer said...

Allah edem el ni3ma. ugh. :P