Tuesday, June 24, 2008

van der Fart

Quote: "Rafael van der Vaart, a blast from the bench, emitting some greenhouse gasses ;-)

The stench on the bench forces Sneijder, Mathijsen, de Jong and Van der Sar to breathe heavily into their shirts.

In his own (rather poor) defence he says to Van der Sar, who stares him down: "Spanning.. 't is de spanning jongens..", i.e. "Tension guys, it's the tension..".


Ms Loala said...

No body commented!!
Humm ....

So, how's life? :P

elijah said...


i heard them talking bout it but thought they were joking bout the name lol

ms loala: i think they died from the smell :P

The Criticizer said...

Heh, yeah who would be interested in a fart post? :P