Thursday, July 24, 2008

Euro Trip - Part 1 | Munich

Here I am back in Kuwait, and whoa it's boiling out here! But it is so damn good to be back, well, except for the weather, landscapes, and people's attitude of course but you get the point... Home sweet home.

The trip was a total success. I have never enjoyed a vacation as much as I did in this one. We arrived in Munich on the 5th of July. The weather was somewhat like Kuwaiti winter with astonishing cloudy skies and scattered rain, it didn't even go over 25c!

For six days Marienplatz was our everyday spot but we took some time to checkout the top 10 things in Munich. We have visited Allianz-Arena (the world's most amazing stadium), Nymphenburg palace, Munich FrauenKirche (the footstep of the devil!), BMW Museum, Englischer Garten, Olympiapark, attended an open air symphony, and we have made friends with an american opera singer!

We had a crazy/funny part in each location. Like in Allianz-Arena we have missed the english tour twice (two days) then we finally had the chance to go in on the third day. And in Frauenkirche, the foot of the devil is Exactly my foot size! (yes, I've been told I'm the Devil but couldn't make sure till now). As for the open air symphony, that was a whole separate adventure... Guests in suits and we're wearing shorts! People around us actually thought we are a gay couple! Damn that was embarrassing! lmao xD

I don't want to give specific details because it would take thousands of lines so I'll just leave you here with some random pics of the first part, pics I took in Germany...


intlxpatr said...

We've missed you, Mac. Glad you're back, glad you had a great time. Will you be teaching this year? Same school?

Ms Loala said...

Somwhow i thought you were in Iran, lol!
Don't even ask.

El 7emdella 3al salama, glad you had fun there ;)

Swair. said...

El7amdilla 3ala el salama :D

I'm so glad you had fun, and the first pic is gorgeous!

MuLaN said...

yaay am goin there next weeek =D
el7mdlla 3la elslama =)

Zabo0o6a said...

Yaaah yaah , el7mdella 3al salamah !
Wain el 9o'3a? :Pp

Bebe n' Noonie said...

welcome home !=)
Lovely country !! Glad u had fun

Ms Loala said...

BTW, what's the story behind the foot of the devil?

The Criticizer said...

Thanks. Yes I'll be teaching in the same school but maybe I will switch some grades. I used to have 6th and 8th. Would be nice to keep teaching my kids next year when they're in 7th/9th grade.

ms loala:
Iran?! lol. Been there once. I guess that's enough. ;p

The story behind that foot step... they say the devil went into that church and stood right where that footprint is, and from that position he couldn't see any of the church windows so he laughed about it saying a church without windows (light) will be doomed. Once he took one more step windows started to show up on both sides and screamed his way out of the church. Ever since that incident they say the wind have never stopped circulating around that church. It's just a story though the only fact is when you stand over that footprint you really can't see any window.

Dankeschun! If you like this one then I'm sure you'll like the next set of pics. :D

Thanks! Make sure you check out some of the places I referred. Bissalama!

Ahem.. 9o'3a? *heart attack* ;p

Thanks! :D

iNoor said...

LOOOL @ Loala, 9adagtay?

اي يبا اييييي
بعض الناس بألمانيا واحنا طاحسين هنيييي

بس الصور عجيبة، تذكرني بأيام الطفولة لما رحنا ألمانيا وجم دولة أوروبية وأول ما ردينا الكويت صار الغزو لوووول

المهم، الحمدلله عالسلامة حجي

M said...

Glad you had fun there :)

7afsa said...

i dont remember how i stumbled upon your blog exactly, but i like it ;p

J o u j a™ said...

i love Munich its an amazing place
and the weather over there is stunning..

glad you had fun & 7mdellah 3al salama xD

Jaber said...

il7imdilla 3al salama =)

I'm glad to see you've had fun.. Germany as a country looks like a great place to go..
BMW Museum looks awesome! 3alaikum bil 3afia

The Criticizer said...

'3azo?! gubbisa! xD
Allah esalmich, thanks.


Thanks, glad you like it. :)

It is amazing.
allah esalmich thanks.

allah e3afeek o esalmik
BMW museum is a must-see if you had the chance to go there don't miss it. :D