Saturday, July 26, 2008

Euro Trip - Part 2 | Road Trip & Bospop Concert

Iran they said... HAH! xD

Location: Munich, Germany.
Destination: Leende, Netherlands.
Goal: Bospop Festival. Weert, Netherlands.

We rented an Audi A4 TDI for the road trip but I got a call telling me the Audi cannot be confirmed therefore I might get a GM Astra instead. We thought either ways it's all good and off we went to Europcar Munich to collect the car. I signed the papers, grabbed the keys, and went to their basement. I pressed on the remote but none of the GM/Opel cars opened. Turned out the *censored* gave us a Hyundai Tucson! And the navigation system is a joke. Nothing we did could change the car and our adventurous side told us to go ahead and take this adventure.

We hit the road at approx. 12pm heading to Leende. The trip was estimated to be 5 and a half hours though we took the long way passing through Stuttgart, Frankfurt, Dusseldorf, and reached our destination around 9:30pm. We stayed in Golden Tulip Jagershorst. Four-star hotels at their best, with bathroom separated from the beds by glass only, this hotel is perfect for honeymooners and not for us. It was great nevertheless.

The next day we showed up at Bospop Festival. Having bought day tickets we went there at 1pm to find out Santana was the last to play at 10pm so we enjoyed some of the other bands then we went out for lunch, and I wish we never did because they didn't allow me to bring my camera in, I told them I was inside with my camera a few minutes ago and no one said a thing but they refused claiming they didn't see me go in otherwise they would have taken it from me. B@stards! Santana was amazing. I managed to take some crappy quality videos with my cellphone and I'll upload them once I check if they're worthy.

Anyhow... Here are some clips from the road trip and the concert.

Road Trip

Weert & Bospop

UPDATE: Carlos Santana - Maria Maria

Cheap quality, I know, but that's the only thing I could get. You can find more Bospop 2008 on Youtube


Bebe n' Noonie said...

LOL the room w bathrom separated by glass! That's funnnny!! Bs 7lww! Wannasa;p

iNoor said...
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iNoor said...

Concert? CONCERT?? kafoou wallah kafooouu!

تقبل الله أعمالكم :P

ßTW, höw's yöür Germän äccent?

Ms Loala said...


I hate you :'(
You know i love him and now you're teasing me :(

So you basically went there for the concert? Secretly intending to attend it?

@ iNoor,
Shut up! It's Santana!! :P

Ms Loala said...

No no no i can't believe it :\

Ms Loala said...

I'm jealous .....


iNoor said...

*tmachi3 Loala*
well he's nothing compared to El-Akraf, Sayyid Waleed, & Al-Wilaya band :P

Ms Loala said...

Amazing ...? That's it?

He's .........

You're ..........

"Goes to cry"

Ms Loala said...

@ iNoor,

"Pokes iNoor"

El-Akraf, Sayyid Waleed, & Al-Wilaya band 7ag mu7aram :P

iNoor said...

LOOOL ya3ny an hour for your God o and hour for yourself haaa?

ba3dain Al-Wilaya band are soooooo not for Mu7arram because they perform "a'3any thawriyya" ya3ny wiya musical instruments... bas I soo recommend them :P

Ms Loala said...

Bs malait men el a'3any el thwareya! :\
Omy thab7atny fehom oo tby tzawejny ya wa7ed menhom wella weld 7asan nasrallah lol :P

Fa let's stick to TEH Carlos Santana for now gabil latgom el 7arb :P

iNoor said...

LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL nafs el 7ala, 7abait your mom :*

bas el moshkela enna 3yal el sayyid 7asan el awal shaheed o el thany already married o 3inda 7afeed eyanin o wilda m7ammad 3aly madry cham 3omra (a7awil a6al3a) o a9'3ar wa7id mahdy tawwa 3annono

hmmmm.. lazim asawy ba7th 3an 3yal el shaheed 3imad Mu'3niyeh o el shaheed 3abbas El-Mousaoui o bajy 8iyadeyeen el 7izb o a36eech 5abar etha 7addich mtwal3a feehom mithly :P

Haschim schloonik? :P

The Criticizer said...

Heh, not for us it wasn't. We had to change it. :P

noor & loala:
Chatroom?!! xD

Yes, an hour for god and an hour for myself. I actually thank god for giving me the chance to enjoy it. :)

Ich Deutschland sprechen? Ich
Beßer und beßer. Dankeschun! :P

We read on the internet Santana will be playing in Holland so we took that opportunity because Holland was on our vacation list even before knowing about Santana.

He's not just amazing, he's so down to earth as well. The way he talks, the way he compliment on other musicians such as Bob Marley and so, and even the way he plays that guitar... It's indescribable!

ANYHOW... *cough*EatYourHeartOutLoala*cough*

Hehe... btw.. there's this Dutch band called Racoon. I remember two good songs... I heard them playing and I can tell you'll like them. Look for "Love you more" & "Laugh about it". :D

Swair. said...

*watches iNoor and Loala* tut tut tut... temeche3 oo poking.. GO TO YOUR ROOM!

Anyways, great pics and the video isn't has bad as I thought it'd be lol

3alaikum ib alf 3afya :p

Bebe n' Noonie said...

that's y its funny !!:p lol

iNoor said...

Beileid für den Märtyrertod von Imam Mousa Al-Kathim [A.S]...

<<< على جميع الموجات

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a trip filled with lods of fun :) Enjoy ur time and stay safe!

NoNoWa said...

Ohhhh I wanna go!!!!!!!! Walla wanasa!!

Must be a blast :)

PaLoMiNo said...

yaaaaaaaay wansa:)

The Criticizer said...

Thanks allah e3afech.
Not a bad quality? The guy sounds like he's singing after sniffing propane! :p

Wicked. :P


애도, 전세계의 모든 채널을합니다. :P

Thanks man. :D

7adda blast! :D

Thanks, we did enjoy every part. :D

Navy Girl said...

YAY SANTANA !! :D sounds 7ada great :D

glad you had fun :)

The Criticizer said...

Thanks :)