Tuesday, January 06, 2009

ALIPR | Automatic Photo Tagging

Out of curiosity I went browsing for an answer on how color pickers can retrieve color related pictures, which I guess depends on photographic histograms, I stumbled upon ALIPR (Automatic Linguistic Indexing of Pictures in Real-Time), the NOT so smart photo tagging/search engine.

It is supposed to be a smart photo search engine that knows exactly what you're looking for.

According to Gizmodo.com:

"An amazing innovation in the software world today: ALIPR (Automatic Linguistic Indexing of Pictures) is a program that takes a look at digital images, applies some fancy math and then spits out a list of appropriate tags for the picture. It isn't perfect, but the designers claim it has a 98 percent accuracy rate. They've been letting it dig through Flickr and the software has matched at least one user-defined tag almost every time." – Karson Thompson

The truth is, it's Far from smart. Even the messed up Ask.com returns better results than this crazy search engine. The only query that got me related results were "landscape historical desert", it returned two pictures of the Pyramids.

Note to self: Stick to Google, shut up and forget how experimental apps such as that color picker work.


Mathai said...

In theory it sounds fantastic, but the algorithms may not give the best results each time. 98 % accuracy sounds too much though

Bashar said...

Hmm... man, looks promising. But first page is full of ... pics :/

They should take care of first impression.

Bashar said...

By the way, my friend just got LCD Sony Bravia 40" Full-HD 1080p + European PS3 + 1 game from Sony for 600+ KD. Not bad at all. You just need the surround sound.

MacaholiQ8 said...

98% is what they claim. I think it's way less than that.

It's crap inside-out. I wonder how it got positive reviews.

Thanks for the heads up. Was it from the local dealer so I can go check it?

Anonymous said...

Dude! Now you can participate in experimental Google! Some really cool stuff are happening there :)

Happy new year, Mac!

Bashar said...

Yeah local Sony dealers. He's already crazy finding complementaries to his device. You may consider HD Receiver for HD soccer games, if you're a fan...

Once you get the HD, spending never stops I promise you that :)

MacaholiQ8 said...

Dude I though you were gone for good! Glad to see you back online! :D
Happy new year to you too man, and best of luck out there.

Man don't trigger me! I've been saving up for *cough*Heirat(German)*cough* and I know I'd waste ALL of it on gadgets!!

Hmmm... It's a good investment, isn't it? *tries hard to take that idea off his mind*!!! x(

Bashar said...

Well I thought you were saving for this LCD thing. What's the heirat german? No clue :)

No pressure... See whats more joy (and lasts longer ;)

MacaholiQ8 said...

LOL!! Just translate "Heirat" from german to English and you'll have my answer! xD

Bashar said...


Congrats. In that case, it's not only LCD you should reconsider, even where you eat counts now :)

What you dress, your bandwidth speed, are you getting 10 KD raise this year not not... All counts :)

Did I say too much? Sorry. I didn't mind it a lot as I know us men, no matter how silly it gets, we eventually do it. SO JUST DO IT! :)

Tell your lucky girl if we can save then we will enjoy Hi-Def movies every night and such. use this trick ;)

MacaholiQ8 said...


I didn't say I'm doing it right now! I mean my family's stressing me with the idea, being the youngest and so, but I'm still holding my ground. I'm just saving up for the moment which could be this time next year maybe? Until now I'm "scouting" if you know what I mean.. hehe. :P

I'm sure the idea of getting these stuff right now won't hurt, in fact it's a good investment on the long run, but I don't want to end up with not enough money for furnishing and stuff. :/

Bashar said...

:) Did you try to Google for one? ;)

You could do what you said, but I suggest you do keep the money. And I'll make sure no blogger talks about Bravia till then ;). Also, new wife expects new stuff. Even old Bravia might be troublesome :)

MacaholiQ8 said...

Haha! We'll discuss that when the time comes. ;)