Wednesday, August 19, 2009


I received three emails today which I thought were nothing but scam then after skimming them they caught my attention so I went back and read them thoroughly.

I decided to share this here and see if anyone else got the same emails (looks like it's sent to other bloggers too).

There's also a PDF file showing the case papers and they look legitimate too though I'm not sure if it'll be viewable without google account. [link]

I cannot do anything but to share this and waste another blog space for those who care, and also to see if anyone can confirm this as true pleading or perfected scam.


Charmbracelet said...

Please mac can u check out my post..? Maybe u have an idea how to help me with my crisis=p


Azure said...

there's something fishy bil salfa
lesh 7aa6 raqam jamal if we want to believe? ya3ni anyone can get his number easily it's not a bulletproof evidence

i'm not trying to defend i know nothing about both parties bas elsalfa feha shay weird

Anonymous said...

i got the same emails

Anonymous said...

can u translate

bumo said...

Wa aish al ma6loob ya rajol?

MacaholiQ8 said...

Will do.

Weird indeed. I just thought I'd share this nothing more.

Help the guy. :P

Long story short an Egyptian guy used to work in Salmiya co-op society had be kicked out of his job and been threatened by the manager (Kuwaiti guy). He's sending out emails seeking help and spreading out his story.

Nothing. The guy is desperate so I thought I'd share this. :P

Ms Loala said...

And where is he going with his? He could've easily wrote about it in the newspapers.

Abdul Mohsen said...

Mac Daddy, can't seem to find a "contact me" icon on ur blog ;Pp so sorry if this is the improper place

Really want your feedback on this:

PS: turning HD on and volume up is a must ;Pp, enjoy

Bashar said...

I didn't get it, can't tell, but such incidents are so common btw. Sponsor keeps hold of the passport to keep control over the person. I've seen it.

MacaholiQ8 said...

No idea. :/

Abdul Mohsen:
Will do :D

I've only heard of it. :/