Tuesday, August 25, 2009


How bad can a sandwich be? If you'd like to know just pay a visit to Schlotzsky's, by far the worst restaurant I have ever been to.

Their caesar salad comes with sour brown dressing, their bread is rock solid dry wheat, their chicken breast sandwich was as cold as ice, and the environment and lighting is bad Bad BAD! No wonder why we were the only customers.

Officially the worst restaurant ever. Save yourself the hassle and head directly to Badr Albudor.


Charmbracelet said...


Mark said...

Schlotzsky's don't have burgers... just sandwiches.

iNoor said...

شفيه البطريق؟

Astranaunt said...

اهم شي انه مارك قاط ويهه

و يتفلسف هالترف

و ادري انه يعرف يقرى و يتكلم عربي , بس يستشرف و علبو اهو كول ما يعرف يتكلم و لما يبي يقرى شي ينادي زوجته


Anonymous said...

ham bel 3afiya... check your gmail :P

abolesanzalef said...

you know here in kuwait we cant trust any resturant, even big names too...but no way, we have to eat..lol.............ramadan kareeeeeeem ya all....

Bashar said...

LOL... Tell me you're not Badr Bedor fan please :)

iNoor: 2nd Batriq ;)

Faith said...

abeeh it seemed so bad sure i won't try it lol :P

MacaholiQ8 said...


So burgers are not sandwiches?!

7adda 3ajeb.

LOL, easy easy now...


True... Same to you.

I'm not a fan but the *censored* have fine kebab sandwiches! :D

Bad indeed.

Azure said...

LOOOL sheno hal ma63am yoom aswad yoom 6e7t 3alaih, huh!?

fee el3aks restaurants min awalha ok w mako nafis-hom then ye9eron nafs hal restaurant

eykhaloun elwa7ed '3a9oub ye6bakh bil bayt

sweetd said...

I think I saw their ad yesterday on the streets...I was wondering what this new restaurant is..anyways I never try anything new :P it pretty much looks how u described it!

Anonymous said...

this is one of the best sandwiches i have had in kuwait and especially for a fast delivery restaurant. i just never thought of trying their burgers and didn't know they had any . i would highly recommend you try their original sandwich. its excellent.