Monday, October 05, 2009


"It's easier said than done"... Who ever said that is a genius. Keep those words in your mind and you shall find your path to eternal serenity.

How many times have you thought of doing something thinking it's easy then it turns out to be the most irritating thing you have ever done and you fall apart half way without completing that task?

Take me for example... I thought furnishing my apartment would be quite easy since me and Blue Jay got along regarding furniture and had no trouble choosing what's good for us. But when the labor got involved it took the whole thing two months to finish, not up to our standards of course.

For example, a construction guy comes to build a concrete wall drops a rock over clay roof tiles folding one of the tiles into a window and breaking the glass. Glass guy comes to repair the broken window and damages the ventilating fan. Electrician comes to fix the fan and breaks the door knob. Carpenter comes to fix the knob and scratches the door. Painter comes to repaint the door and spoil the parquet floor.... etc. Things just can't seem to get right from the first time.

Now that all is barely done I just want to say if you want to start construction better think a million times before you do. As my friend's father once said...

"الله لا يبليك بالبنيان"


BLaSha said...

butterfly effect, good luck

Bu Yousef said...

:) Mabrook

I know what you mean. I didn't 'build' our house but I did finish off when I bought it (windows, furnishings, furniture, carpeter etc etc.) I was a new person with a course voice and a very limited vocabulary - mainly consisting of swearing - within only 4 weeks! My family were even more thankful than I am when we were done.

It will pass and you will have time to finish things off to your satisfaction. Enjoy.

MacaholiQ8 said...

Thanks, gonna need it.

Bu Yousef:
Allah ebarik feek.

You're absolutely right. I became someone else, I was feeling down most the time so I'm really glad it's all over with without loosing myself.

Mathai said...

I too had some problems with the contractor while I was prepping our house in India before my wedding, but slowly things fell into place and we were happy with the results. I'm sure you'll get things rolling smoothly soon :)

MacaholiQ8 said...

I certainly hope so. :/

Anonymous said...

Yallah Maykhalif. Patience is the key ;p

Bashar said...

It has been said "إذا بتدعي على أحد، إدعي عليه بالبنيان"

I also recall funny incident with my Uncle at hospital. he saw a sick guy with mask on his face. So out of courtesy my uncle smiled and said "Matshof shar"... The sick guy took of the oxygen mask and said "La eb3ed 3anek bonyan!"

I ROFL for that one really.

PS: You owe me a hang out coz you keep declining soccer games, and now both my leg and hand hurts I can't play no more!

iNoor said...

معاناتك ومعاناة أمي وحدة

يا كثر ما تسب وتلعن بالعمال، بالذات إذا صعايدة، يااو


MacaholiQ8 said...

My patience is limited. I could have killed someone. :/

Heh, true!

No worries, I owe you. :)

Yes, curse them... curse them ALL! :@

Anonymous said...

It pays to find a really good, honest, reliable contractor (I don't know if such a thing is available in Kuwait.) Many people around the world have similar stories, but if you have a good contractor in charge, they take care of all those things, and don't charge extra because their people caused the problems.