Thursday, August 26, 2010

MacBook Pro Battery Defect

My MacBook Pro battery (model: A1281) gained extra weight today due to unknown circumstances.

I always keep my laptop running on power source without removing the battery even when it's fully charged. I don't shut down the system, I just close the screen and leave it on sleep mode. Yesterday though I left it downloading Apple Software Updates and went to sleep. When I woke up today I found the cooling system working pretty hard and the whole laptop unibody was quite hot but what made me certain there's a problem is the trackpad. Those who are familiar with Apple's buttonless trackpad know how it feels when you click anywhere on it, it simply clicks, but mine did not click no matter where I press. At first I thought there's a problem with the trackpad itself but then I saw the bottom of the laptop to see the battery cover slightly curved. I opened the latch and the battery popped out of its place. Turns out it got deformed and swollen in the middle pressing against the trackpad from the bottom.

Curved battery cover

Battery cover with latch closed

Battery cover should align horizontally over the battery

I have no idea what caused this problem. I'm just thankful I noticed this problem before it got worse.

Even with this defect the battery's running good with only 120 cycles and over two and a half hours lifespan.


Yours Truly said...

Looks like it got expanded from the heat. My guess only.

MacaholiQ8 said...

You're absolutely right but what I want to understand is what caused my laptop to overheat like that? I use it in a very cold environment (my apartment is always cold). It never happened before. Maybe one of the updates caused it to overheat? :/

Eden said...

i know nothing about mac but i wanted to say nice blog

MacaholiQ8 said...

Thank you. That sure made up my day. :)

Israel Uzcategui said...

Same thing happened to me i took the battery out so it dosent keep bulging the aluminium cover, is nice to know im not the only one these apple batteries are so bad mine had less than 100 cycles and still worked now i have to get a new one and its very expensive here in south america.

Thanks for the post very good