Wednesday, February 27, 2008

I will no longer tolerate this inconvenience

I took my car out of service last week and I had some notes regarding the CD changer, it seems to have a problem with the anti-shock sensor where it keeps interrupting playback every time I run over a road bump or crack.

The guy who works at Nissan Al-Babtain told me they don't have a technician, instead they will send my CD changer to some store to fix it and I will have to come back later to collect it. I was worried yet I said OK.

Today, after a whole week, I called 804888 to inquire about my CD changer. A girl from their customer care department answers. I gave her my info and she said she'll call back after she speaks to Al-Ahmadi branch where I had my car service and CD changer removed for repairs.

Few hours later I get a call from the girl telling me that she spoke to Al-Ahmadi branch and they told her they never took any CD changer saying I have collected the car intact including the CD changer! WTF?! Well attached with this blog entry is a small proof. I would never dare to remove it by myself because I do care about the warranty.

Tomorrow will be trouble day.

UPDATE: Finally, after two weeks. [link]


Murqab said...


go kick their asses man

go complain and make a big fuss

with screaming .. everything gets done

and even go to the police

Zabo0o6a said...

take my car along with you , the engine oil needs to be changed :Pp
3ala 3alaik amer ya3ney

ge0 said...

maaan! its brain damaging to deal with them! good luck

moocherx said...

Go there and accuse them of theft, and threaten them with going directly to the Ahmadi police station and reporting the good-for-nothing b*stards.


KJ said...

God help you. Good luck!

jaz said...

The solution to your problem:

Ms Loala said...

It seems you and Mr. Albab6ain will never co-exist.
I say sell the car and buy a vette. I heard Alghanim have a good service ;)

The Criticizer said...

I wish I know how to loose temper. I'm too peaceful. :/

Ok good I get a free test drive in your car. :D

It is. Thanks.

I wish it's that easy. :/


Fujitsubo sucks.
I want them APS 3". :P

ms loala:
Of all people you should know better that I hate vettes. >_<

And who says Alghanim has good service? I had a trailblazer before and I know how bad their service is. The only thing that makes their service looks good is that other dealers suck even more. :P

Bashar said...

Ahhh... just when a man thinks he has seen everything from this country...

We had our Volvo lost in their garage once as well, let alone the CD Exchanger.

My advise though, replace it with embedded iPod base player and you're done :)

The Criticizer said...

Good idea, thanks! :)

Murqab said...

any updates ?

The Criticizer said...

Finally I got it back.