Saturday, February 09, 2008

Review | Tamron 70-300mm AF lens for Minolta/Sony DSLR

Taken with Sony SAL18200

Thanks to my friend Q817 at I got my hands on a new lens for my Sony A100 DSLR. It may not be the best lens in the market but it's a good add-on to my fresh collection alongside my trusty 18-200mm Sony lens.

The casing quality is good with a mix of solid plastic and metal mount. It has a tele-macro switch to enable macro focus between 180-300mm but it's quite inconvenient without tripod. It weighs nothing compared to metal lenses so the weight is good.

The only downside is when using auto-focus, it's a bit slow but that shouldn't be a problem for someone who uses manual focus.

Lens Price: 7 KD!! (90% sale)

Some pictures I managed to take using the lens...


iNoor said...

حرام شاري كاميرا قوية ومو قاعد تاخذ دورات أو عالأقل تنمي مواهبك بنفسك

قول حق حامد يكمل معروفه وياك ويعطك دورة تصوير ببلاش مدام أنه رفيجك

il3ameed said...

im loving the photos and the watermarks :D
teslam eedik o gawak allah.. open up a flickr account if u dont already have one

outkasty said...


agolek, thani pic mn il-yesaar *il-ba6a* madri *il-3asfora* lol, hatha wain?

Anonymous said...

Love the photos! It's not an inconspicuous lens!

:::ShoSho::: said...

I love your pictures! so you love to take photos? Let us see moreee!!!

KJ said...

WTH, 90% sale? You sure this wasn't glued together by a blind 8 year old?

Ms Loala said...

Looks simply great!

But 90% sale!!!!
Can you say where?

The Criticizer said...

mo 7aram, I just love perfection, especially in when it comes to techie stuff, either buy one of the best or don't buy anything at all. Instead of buying a small digital camera I got myself a convenient one that would last a lifetime.

I'm willing to learn o 7amid mashallah 3laih ma ga99ar ma3ay. Inshallah I'll keep on practicing o we'll see how things go.

btw, I see you know him...
"ما ذبح الحساوية إلا القصى" haha.. j/k :P

Inshallah I will when I get the chance, thanks for the support bro.

Marina Crescent. Hatha Nawras. :P

Glad you do cuz I was going to dedicate this entry to you. ;)

I take photos for fun, it's not even a hobby yet so I'm glad you like them. I'll make sure to post more whenever I get the chance to.

lol! Nahh it's never been used and it's in perfect condition; right out of the box. It's just that the store that had the sale are closing down I think. idk. :/

ms loala:
Ahem, honestly I don't know, Q817 called me and told me about it so he bought it for me and I paid him later when I went to collect it. Ask him at q8speed.

iNoor said...

"I just love perfection, especially in when it comes to techie stuff, either buy one of the best or don't buy anything at all."

U know what? U rock :P
*adds that quote to her blog*

نفسي، راس يابس، يا آخذ اللي ببالي يا ما آخذ شي كلش... ماكو شي بقاموسي اسمه "بديل" هع

احم، لووووول، أول مرة بحياتك تكتب بالعربي، بس أنا مو ذاك الزوود بالأمثال الشعبية فـ للأسف... ما فهمت شنو يعني

Swair said...

3alaik ib alf 3afya, love the Nawras pic the most, the ripples are very subtle hehe

Fayir said...

I love it when the shot itseer Un-edited oo would take 10 out of 10

Anonymous said...

nice pics!

Patrick Semaan said...

Good Price! Mabrouk, keep snapping and sharing ;)

Ms Loala said...

I should've known that mainly 7asawiya grab bargains like that :P

:::ShoSho::: said...

agree with you on buying the best or don't buy.. I hate crappy stuff myself!!

I hate the EOS film camera for 10 years and then I bought the digital version in 2005 and still use it..

:::ShoSho::: said...

LOL not hate, i meant I have!

Linus said...

Mashallah your a good photographer!
I got a 7.2 Sony but it seems that I don't know how to take some decent pictures!

The Criticizer said...

That's not a common saying, it's just something between 7asawiya ppl.
& yes, it is odd when I write in Arabic. ;P

Allah e3afech, thanks. Glad you like it. :)

Me too but it's kinda hard to get a perfect shot with perfect colors. btw, the only edited pic is the Nawras pic. Auto levels only.


Thanks, I will. :D

ms loala:
ROFL!!! shhh!!!! xD

The EOS is amaizng, if I hadn't gone for Sony I would definitely go for EOS.
Share some shots!

Thanks though I need more practice.
You can get creative with the 7.2, all you need to know is how to use its functions the right way and you'll start snapping amazing shots. Good luck!

Kaileena said...

That's nice! Does it work on Sony H3?

Bashar said...

Hmm... I liked the lake looking like picture... what is it exactly?

The Criticizer said...

No, it cannot. The H3 has a fixed lens and is not a DSLR (Digital Single Lens Reflex) camera.

So far there are only three Sony DSLR models A100, A200, A700.

The bird or the lake?! Well the bird is Nawras and the lake-a-like is Marina Crescent seaside.

Anonymous said...

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dimzPhoto said...

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