Monday, February 04, 2008

For the love of GOD, Stop Breathing!

Today I've had it with people who have bad breath. I got stuck at Al-Sabah hospital waiting to get an appointment for my mom from 8am till 11am but that wasn't the problem.

It all started at around 9am when the crowds started to flood the hospital, all seats were taken except one right next to me. I was sitting there minding my own business when this guy who happens to have the stinkiest breath in the whole universe came and sat next to me. I didn't have a problem with that until he opened his mouth to start a conversation, everything started to look blurry and I felt dizzy from his breath!

Few minutes later I couldn't resist so I took a walk in the hall to catch my breath and when I came back my seat was taken, I was so relieved. I waited for a while and I got another seat far from him. The moment I thought I was safe the guy next to me got called by the Dr. and Mr. Skunk Mouth took the opportunity to come and sit next to me again so he can continue on chatting! Everything went from blurry to dark!

I kept breathing from my mouth just to avoid the smell of his breath hoping my name is next but no, for two hours neither I got called for nor he closed his mouth. I don't even remember what the hell he was talking about, all my concentration was on how to keep avoiding that sewer hole!

Finally I got called up. I have no idea how I survived two hours. His breath stinks so damn bad it even has a sound of it's own! Imagine a smell that has a sound of impact! Yes, that's how bad it was.

Next time I'll make sure I bring some fruit flavored candy/gum to offer for such people.


elijah said...

lawa3t chabdy :)

But r u insane hun? Why the hell did u stay, I would've walked out pretended to get up for something. If you're never gonna see the person again why even bother to take all that crap from them.

A woman wanted to talk on the plane once and I knew if i didn't put an end to it she won't stop til the flight was over. So i told her please I wanna sleep and turned away.

iNoor said...

He's prolly a heavy schischa smoker and he had smoked before he came.. waahaahaa >:P

The Criticizer said...

sorry for that. ;p

I did walk away for a few minutes but I had to get back remain in place so I can hear them when they call my name. It's so easy for them to skip my turn, especially in a chaos place such as Al-Sabah hospital. :(

1- schischa smoker's breath is far more acceptable than cigarette smoker's breath and this one's way Way WAY over that.
2- The guy's mouth smells like diaper full off... you know what. If he talked from his other end he probably would have smelled less fatal, if you know what I mean.

This guy smells like nothing I have encountered in my whole life. I bet he had rotten babies for breakfast.

Oh yes and excuse my explanation. :P

pink said...

w sh7ga tgaamil?? u dnt knw or want 2 knw the guy goom 3nah..3a6ah ur back..yeee3..

im a very considerate person bs etha 9ar feene mwaqif cthee no way at7amal..ya i pinch my nose ashkara gdaamah or i just stand away frm him...cuz he didnt consider others when he didnt brush his teeth in the morning...WEEE3 alla ylw3 chbdaah.

il3ameed said...

Mac, stop with the baby jokes already :P
estaghferalla.. walla i wouldve just got up, walked away and stood up and waited, mu lazem ag3ad yamma.. tajruba yalla, tukbar oo tinsa ! :P

Hamitaf La Bookay said...

we3 we3...!! Is it worse than really really really bad Body Oder?? Cuz our farash at work smells like ten trash cans on a very very hot day :$ and he comes everyday to clean our floor and there's no way of stopping him... Oh boy do I know how you feel!!

iNoor said...

Ya elahy! la8ad lawwa3ta chabdy ana ay'9an..

Moey said...

hehehe maskeen, i hear you my friend. your wishlist post inspired me to do mine =)

Enigma said...

wee3 allah y3enik i remember sitting next to a girl her breath was so bad u cud smell it even though she was facing ahead bs she was breathing from her mouth.. and i couldnt change my seat ;/ (it was a very big class)

snookie said...

Allah y3eenek.. ufff.

bs sij even before reading ur post i just looked at the pic and then in my mind i heard "ree7at 7aljek dlaghat" looooool.. i never knew there was an actual picture to it!! i love it!

Zed said...

i would tell him to shut up, or go get him some gum, either way i'd make it clear to him that he stinks

people should know

Fashionated said...

u should start a campaign against bad breath

outkasty said...

salamat il-walda inshallah, o il-bajeey magdar atkalam feh la3at chabdi LOOL

KJ said...

You're to nice to have listened to him all this time!

Anonymous said...


..::Amu::.. said...

I hate such people!!!

Ms Loala said...

In this time in particular, standing on your feet for two whole hours is a bless!

I don't know what is the deal with those people, if your breath stinks then so is your mouth!!! you'll taste an awful saliva which is pretty distinguishable!!

Agghhh, i sooo hate this!

Ma2joor inshalla.

Zi-One said...

waai3 ;/ 3ad ana mo zain yeg3ad yami ma ashoof wala asma3 bs ashem :P allah y3iinek saw methlii oo dayman khal m3ak 3elch ;p

Maradona said...

LoooooooL .. Ent 3ala 6oool chithee .. ma ti tooob .

OMG .. Akeed En7iwalt leen ma
'7allass ;)


Aathwal .. law ri7t titmasha Abrak lik .

bas 9ara7ah '7ooosh daggah

Navy Girl said...

ewwwwwwwwwwww :/

F. said...

I had to put up with someone like that the other day too...he was a salesperson in the infoconnet exhibition...I mean COME're supposed to attract people to your merchandise not drive them away with your stinky breath...ew!

Oranjina fadidra said...

Oh dear god wth!!! Ugh :\
aham shi ena la7gek, why ddt u tell him to BACK OFF!

The Criticizer said...

I don't think brushing his teeth would do him any good. It's coming out of his rusty lungs!

lol, I love dead baby jokes. :P

It is worse but I'm fortunate it's all over. Allah e3enich. :/

Good. It was intentional. :P

Yallah let's see what you have in that wish list! :D

Exactly! I was trying to keep my distance but whatever I do his stinky breath goes straight to my brain!

lol, glad you like it. :P

I wish I could be mean but I just can't, I guess I'm way too kind. :/

Yeah I think I will.

lol, thanks!

I should try to be mean next time.

It is! If you have smelled his breath you wouldn't be laughing. :P


ms loala:
Yes, I should have remained standing but it took them too long to call for me. :/
*pukes* Thanks for the saliva part. xD

lol, thanks, I will. :P

lol adri bas shasawy! :D

navy g:
x99999... etc.

They're everywhere!!

Oranjina fadidra:
I wish I did but I guess I'm too kind. :/

Fayoora said...

Ew ew eewwww

ilyoom sar feeni nafs ishay ! inta laish SAKIT ya 7athyyy!!

ilyoom ana while im searching for a proffessor 6ab3an il offices foug til3ab Snake lazim 3ala ma tusal for who you want.

fa 6ala3t out of one of the hallways wala ibwayhee 2 guys oo wa7id kan tawwah mitnafes
i Smelled something ... EUF!!

I looked their way and made this disgusted face. Im not usually rude bas i couldnt help it!!!!!! WAA3 Brush ur freakn teeth wela chew a gum wela take a breath mint GOD!

The Criticizer said...

What can I say? I don't know how to be mean otherwise I would have told him to shut his mouth or better yet shut his mouth and stop breathing! I guess I'm too kind. :/

Kaileena said...

Yawch!! Yup happend to me before..trying to breathe through your mouth but ending up feeling sick that you're swallowing the smell..then you get the urge to cry..

The Criticizer said...

Exactly. :/