Tuesday, November 13, 2007

New police patrols?

I was driving back home when two Dodge Chargers police patrols drove past me. I think they're R/T's too!

Goodbye BMW?

UPDATE: Yep, looks like it's for real. [link@W e ® 3 Y]


chika said...

I think it's much better than BMWs

Anonymous said...

I think i will consider being an officer, did they allow females yet?! ;p

snookie said...

they started using chargers in my lil town too.. maybe its going to be the next universal cop car.. like the caprice was..

Zed said...

i wonder what they do with the old cop cars, the bmw's, i want one of them

Anonymous said...

COOL wallah!

I saw those grey ones that belong to police too! anyway, they used to be an old nissan models but now they've changed it to the new altima!!

jaz said...


A6oof il RT ib sayarat omi... Nissan Armada

But PORSCHER might have some trouble beating them :P in his 350Z

Navy Girl said...

no way !! what the hell is wrong with them !! they keep messing around .. kel youm car ! how about a porsche?

il3ameed said...

woohoo!!!!!! Bas amreki :/

iNoor said...

A7san! German cars weren't made for 3agad lol

avocat said...

rooo777 li3ib eb mezaneyat il wuzara ;p

enigma said...

lol @ iNoor

Ms Loala said...

Shouldn't they pay attention instead to the flaws in the rules and regulations of MOI?

That's a sick way of using our money!! :\

Moey said...


Stewie said...

i think it looks cooler !!

but I haven't seen police cab since 2 months ;p LOL

moocherx said...

Somehow I keep being overtaken at high-speed by tiny little Mitsubish Lancers. The police could change to those and save a fortune.

Or Hyundai Getz. Then they could deliver food too.

Anonymous said...

looks better than BMWs i agree

outkasty said...

eg3aaaaaaaaaad =p

Anonymous said...


Ra7aLaH said...

eeeh charger as a police car is better than a BMW!

The Criticizer said...

No. American cars are in no league with German automobile.

blue dress:
Yes, but only in crime scene investigations.


They'll probably keep them too.

Grey ones are for MOI members, in other words "sakka" cars for "sakka" use. :P

I'm a straight driver, I won't have any trouble with them cops. :P

navy g:
Soon maybe. :P

Exactly. :/

LOL! Good point. :D

True. :/

ms loala:
We can do nothing about it.

As long as we don't pay for them by giving away free tickets.

Why is that? Living in a deserted place? :p


When are you going back to blogging? :/

Better? No. Something new maybe but not better.

*sits down* :P

Enzain enzain... I was shisma... :/

Same thing said to mitsuki.

Patrick E. Semaan said...

Need For Speed style