Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Demonoid back online!

"Hello ****,
We are pleased to inform you that is finally back online

Your account ('****') is back and ready to be used again. If you have problems accessing it, please use the forgotten password page at *********

We hope to see you soon!
- The site staff

--- You received this email because you registered an account at
You won't be receiving another notification from us, no action is needed on your part."

Never thought I'd see this day again..., the ultimate Torrent resource, is finally back online. I have no idea how they managed to avoid all the mess and push the site back online but there's one thing I know... Leech whatever you can before it closes down again!

ps: is banned due to MOC's latest regulations.
I don't think that would be a problem, right? :P


snookie said...

i always hated demenoid.. i could never register!

Ahmed© said...

i need an invite! can u get me an invite to demonoid? :P

Navy Girl said...

is that a game ?? that greenish devil look so cute !

eshda3wa said...

ooooh ooooh


BLaSha said...

they sent me the same thing!!!! THEY MADE MY DAY!!!!

Anna said...

Not only did I have a really rewarding day, when I get home I'm met by an email saying "demonoid is back"... Can things get any better???

Jake said...

I don't know... it sounds a little suspicious to me. The site gets forced to shut down and a few months later comes back with all the same people (other than the main admin guy). Personally I'm going to go thru Torrentscan where I can use Demonoid semi-anonymously.

The Criticizer said...

snookie & ahmed©
I've sent you an invitation code. Hope it works.

navy g:
I take it you don't know what torrents are. :P

w00t! :D

Yep, best news for the month of april so far! :D

They certainly can! Enjoy it. :D

Yeah you better watch out. Thank god we're not in the US or Canada. :P

Linus said...

I'm afraid of downloading!
I got a torrent site which is just perfect for me! But I afraid of using it!!! Fuck I hate the states right now :P

noonie said...

shnu y3ne leech ??;/ LOL

The Criticizer said...

*enjoys illegal downloading while linus suffers* :D

Leech definition [link]
Read the BitTorrent part.

Cartman said...

now all u can do is burn the connection ... let the downloading begin ..

Hussain.M said...

" This website has been restricted based on the instructions of the Ministry of Communication.
We apologize for the inconvenience"


Can u help me ?

Ms Loala said...

I prefere Mininova, a much simple interface ;)

And not to mention, NO REGISTRATION!

Bashar said...

It's already blocked :/

The Criticizer said...


ms loala:
Almost every site leeches from Demonoid; it's the ultimate torrent headquarters! :P

hussain & bashar:
Check all checkboxes then enter the URL.

Patrick E. Semaan said...

Right :)

Hussain.M said...

Thanx my Brother ,,

The Criticizer said...

No problem. :)

Anonymous said...

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