Wednesday, April 23, 2008

You Suck!

You Suck #1: ARAMEX
Dear Valued Shop&Ship Customer;

Thank you for using Shop & Ship, ARAMEX US mailbox service.

In keeping with the laws and regulations on international shipping, ARAMEX will not ship any item that is prohibited by any law, regulation, state, or local government.

Please find below a list of materials that are strictly prohibited:
Ø Acetone
Ø Alcohol
Ø Ammunition
Ø Batteries
Ø Camping Gas
Ø Cash, Coins, currency with the historical value.
Ø Collectible/Post stamps
Ø Cigarette lighters
Ø Cleaning fluids
Ø Cosmetics
Ø Drugs, prohibited by law
Ø Explosives
Ø Fire extinguishers
Ø Firearms
Ø Fireworks
Ø All types of liquids including the flammables
Ø Flowers: cut / fresh / nursery stock, or plants
Ø Gas cylinders
Ø Gases (compressed or liquefied)
Ø Glue
Ø Human parts and remains
Ø Lighter fuel
Ø Weapons and weapons' accessories
Ø Valuable jewelries (gold, diamond, silver & precious stones)
Ø Liquid, compressed, and spray hair products such as shampoo, gel, and mousse
Ø Live animals, including birds, reptiles and fish
Ø Paint remover
Ø Paint thinner
Ø Perfume
Ø Perishable foodstuffs and foods/beverages requiring refrigeration or other environmental control
Ø Pesticides
Ø Pornographic materials (CD/DVD/Magazines)
Ø Tobacco
Ø Toxic and poisonous products
Ø Weapons and knives


You Suck #2: Nissan Al-Babtain


I took my car for service and they took my CD changer for the 2nd time for repairs.


iNoor said...

weddy a3ali8 bas a5af t6igny........

TAT said...

wonder if decorative katanas are ok if not gotta find me a new shipper people saying DHL one is better and cheaper

Enigma said...

why the hell did they take your cd changer again?! i say email Nissan headquarters and complain

Anonymous said...

Cosmetics? Cosmetics? cosmetics are illegal in Kuwait??? I don't think so!

Swair. said...

DAMN! I wanted to order some human parts and remains! wahahaha..

Ms Loala said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ms Loala said...

Dude you must be jinxed with extreme bad luck!!

You better stop killing those birdies, i'm betting it's their karma :P

On another note, Aramex has been flooding my email with those notifications lately, now i wonder "who is that person" who made them on alert !!

jaz said...

If u keep complaining ur blog ra7 iy9eer nafs Mark's :D lolz
No offense man...

The Criticizer said...

Say it, but be prepared to get beaten up. :P

They'd probably decline that shipment too. :/

5arban and they don't know how to fix it. I already did email Nissan HQ but they haven't replied yet. :/

Not only in Kuwait, those are air freight regulations. :/

LMAO! Try. :P

ms loala:
I am jinxed. I haven't killed birds, all I did is kill some ugly @$$ rats. :/

Lol! It wasn't me. :P

LMAO! Non-taken! haha xD
I'll try to get back to my techie nerdness. :P

eshda3wa said...

everything sux these days


they all do at some level

Big Pearls said...

it's the same with everything now:/

elijah said...

So I guess the arms and ears I ordered are not gonna come through :P

The Criticizer said...


nothings perfect

big pearls:

You butcher!