Sunday, April 06, 2008

iQuote | ARAMEX Shop & Sh!t v.2

"You know you failed to grasp luck when you find a flaw in a system and go blabber around about it without taking action then soon you realize the opportunity is lost." --Mac.

Before I wrote my last entry about ARAMEX I checked their site for their restricted products list and it didn't mention firearms accessories as part of illegal shipments.

Then a few days ago, after more than two weeks since my entry, I received this email...

"Dear Mac

Our ARAMEX New York office has received a package addressed to you containing unacceptable. Aramex needs your consent to either:

Destroy the package

Return the package to supplier

If you choose to have the package returned to the supplier, we will charge you a return fee. Some suppliers may refund you the price of the item returned depending on their return policy. We apologize for any inconvenience caused

Please update us in the next 72 hours by E-mail otherwise the package will automatically destroyed

Customer Signature

Ehab .S. Haidar
Shop & Ship
Customer Account Executive
Tel: 820011-Ext 1719

Just to make sure I went directly to their site because I know they are committed to keep my product for 90 days and not 72 hours because I wanted to include that in my reply, I stumbled uppon their restricted products list once again to find out the following...

"Aramex will not ship any item that is prohibited by any law, regulation, state, or local government. Below is a general list of materials that are strictly prohibited.

Acetone, Alcohol, Ammunition, Batteries, Camping Gas, Cash, Currency, Collectible Stamps, Coins, Cigarette Lighters, Cleaning Fluids, Cosmetics, Drugs, Prohibited by Law, Explosives, Fire Extinguishers, Firearms and Accessories, Fireworks, Flammable Liquids, Fresh Flowers, Gas Cylinders, Gases, Glue, Hazardous Material, Human Parts and Remains, Inflammable Items, Lighter Fuel, Liquid Products, Liquid Compressed and Spray Hair Products such as Shampoo, Hair Gel and Mousse, Live Animals including Birds, Reptiles and Fish, Paint Remover, Paint Thinner, Perfumes, Perishables, Perishable Food Stuffs and Food Beverages Requiring Refrigeration or Other Environmental Control, Pesticides, Pornographic Material, Tobacco, Toxic and Poisonous Products, Weapons, Jewelry and Knives.

Please refer back to this page on a regular basis for updates on this subject.

Two weeks ago firearms "accessories" were not on the list. I should have kept my mouth shut and sued their @$$ for not shipping my product.

Verdict: If you find a flaw in legal documents/statements don't tell anyone about it and try to use it for your own good before they discover it.


iNoor said...

waik waik xD

A7san! Allah mo ra'9y :P

wala ana :P :P :P

Zed said...

try the other ones, doesnt this service exist in other places in kuwait?

Anonymous said...

tsk..tsk..should I say "I told you so?"

Here's another tip. If you're licensed to carry (tarkhees esla7). Order your scope through regular post, customs will call you..go show them your license and they'll let you have it.

Aramex changed their firearms clause after seeing your scope, your post on the blog & MY advice about suing them. :P

BTW, so did LOL

Ms Loala said...

Yalla hard luck.

But do bear in mind that they can read everything posted online. I once posted in my blog about them delaying my password, i immediately recieved an email a day after apologizing for the inconvenience, lol!
How did they know it's me who whined about it!!!

Moral of the day, as you said, but paraphrased: "keep your mouth shut"


Anonymous said...

The Criticizer said...

You'll seeeeeeeee....

btw, glad to know you're still alive. ;p

I'll ask around although, according to "farragoes", I doubt they ship such stuff.

LOL! You're right. The b@stards took the chance before I do.

I have a friend who has firearms permission but it would be too much of a hassle. I'll get one from here and that's it. :/

ms loala:
Exactly. By the way the bank blocked my visa for a few days and they called to confirm my transaction because the site deals with firearms. Ahem. :/

iNoor said...

hehe, you know what? I had this feeling that when you read my reply you'll say "hal bnt 7alat'ha wehya sakta" LOOOOOOL << that's what mama always say to me *sniff sniff* :'(

Anonymous said...

Not much of a hassle actually, I go shooting myself & planning to buy me a rifle incl. a 9mm. And I'm *GOING* to order accessories, helluva lot cheaper than the rip off's in this country!

What rifle do you have anyway?

Anonymous said...


The Criticizer said...

Heh, I'm sure your mama is right. :P
But no I wouldn't think of that. In fact I enjoy your random comments. ;p

Air rifle. See what I meant by hassle? Though I sure would love to have a firearms permission and get a hold on a shotgun.

I don't need to justify myself to you but it seems that worthless people like you need some explanation, and I'm bored, so here's what I have for you...

You are the one who's stupid because...

One: You ended up in my blog entry while searching for "Aramex drugs". I will keep this for further notice. [link]

Two: Who said I wanted to buy and ship firearms? Since when did scopes be categorized as firearms?

Three: National Guards have nothing to deal with this; it falls under Customs and M.O.I. authority.

Four: Writing with Caps means someone already busted a cap up your *censored*. Good so I don't have to do it myself.

Keep in mind that I should have deleted your comment but I won't. Just to prove who's "clever".

Linus said...

Got an idea, this is serious!
Order some condoms because there isn't anything against condoms in the list. Then if something happens just sue them and mention the scope lol!

Oranjina fadidra said...

shnu hal jinks!
hate aramex their stupid..

The Criticizer said...

Uhah! No sir, thanks. You do it and let me know if it works. :P

oranjina fadidra:
They are. :/

Bashar said...

They did send a mass email to all informing of policy change. Didn't you get it?

What did they say about the 72 days. Man, even Bush gives more time for people to think. Why the rush. It's not like it's gonna explode or anything.

The Criticizer said...

Yeah I got around 8 messages so far.

lol @ bush! They probably want to take it for themselves. :/

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