Saturday, April 12, 2008

Review | Golden Eagle 4x32 rifle scope

The hell with Aramex Shop & Sh!t service, I bought a rifle scope from a firearm store here in Kuwait.

Just like Japan fighting aside with the Germans in the world war; this Japanese scope makes a perfect match with my German air-rifle. I could not find a better scope with a decent price tag other than this one. It costs 20KD where the same model (4x32) made by Gamo costs around 35KD and the top of the line Gamo 3-9x32 (w/zoom) costs 55KD.

It comes with two-piece scope mounting rings (11mm dovetails), protection caps, and soft cloth for cleaning the lens. Water proof, fog proof, shock proof, Multi-X / Duplex reticle, and very light in weight making it reliable for any weather situation. The eye relief is about 3" which is perfect.

Sighting-in the scope took me a little over two hours. It was a bit hard but eventually I managed to do it and it was all worth the effort. Using my friend's Bi-pod I was able to shoot cigs from 25 meters with pointed pellets. Keep in mind when you want to sight-in your scope to start close to your target, adjust the levels then keep moving away while adjusting it until you reach over 25 meters.

I took these pictures before adjusting and tightening the scope perfectly hence you see the mounting rings pushed a bit to the front of the dovetails rail.


iNoor said...

didn't read it.. maly 5ilg

I miss your 3agad posts and your adventures
o I remembered you when I read this today XD XD XD

أخيييه شفت الوسيم مقطع قلوب العذارى بو شعر مدهن؟

Linus said...

That thing is a beauty! I'd really love to see it in action! Anyway enjoy it. and shoot the Indian dude next door :P

Enigma said...

yal kha6eer ;P

Anonymous said...

Cool equipment man. Would love to try out your rifle one day :)

Yallah mabrook..any suggestions for a beginning shooter? So far I've never done air rifles, been handling the .22 Hornets, 7.62, and various handguns.

Missy said...

Hmm and what do u need that for?

Anonymous said...

your air gun look like on of the best there is.. i have never heard of golden eagel optics before is there web site for them on internet? thanks


Ms Loala said...

Are there rats still living out there!!!

jaz said...

Nomad Wanabee

3abeer said...

are you going to shoot something ? or someone ?:P

Navy Girl said...

wow wala i sooo wana try playing with one of those things :D

Anonymous said...

You're pretty good, doing your own sighting adjustments and able to hit a cigarette at 25 yards. :-) Have you done military service?

The Criticizer said...

Allah yel3anhum o yel3an ashkalhum.
*saves pictures for later*

lol! Practicing on moving targets is cool, ask him to run and I'll aim. :D

*poses with his rifle* :D

Thanks man, inshallah whenever you like. ;)

Air rifles are no fun compared to real firearms like the ones you've used, however, they are fun for target practicing. I would highly recommend my rifle (diana panther 31) but the problem is its overpriced out here (100KD), if that is no problem with you then it's the best in the market.

Target practicing & pest control (rats at the farm).

It is one of the best. :D
I haven't found Golden Eagle's site but if you are in Kuwait there's a store in Farwaniya that sells them.

ms loala:
Unfortunately, yes. But I'm willing to take them all down. :D

LMAO! Man wait till you try it. You'd go and get one yourself. :D

Anything goes. :P

navy g:
Playing with these things is prohibited. :P

Yes, I love target practicing. I used to have all kinds of slingshots, now I took it to another level. ;)
And no I have not done military service but I had a short experience in military school.

Anonymous said...

Wanna hear how things are going at your school. And your plans for next school year.

The Criticizer said...

Sure, I will try to post about it soon. :)

n said...

when u say air rifle u mean " om 9achma" right ??!!

The Criticizer said...


Anonymous said...

you call that little piss fart a scope and by the way you moron you must use a one piece mount for the air gun you have which looks to be a Diana mod 34 panther.

Anonymous said...

by the way i forgot to say that only an asshole will buy a scope in kuwait a contry that does not permit the sale of arms of any col and by the way i was born and live in shark......dick head.

The Criticizer said...

Anonymous (Mr. Mumbai):
Wow, you are really smart for an Indian.

First of all I'm free to use any mount I like. It's preferred to use a one-piece mount but it's not mandatory. Besides, having a scope stop piece will resolve the two-piece mount issues.

Two... My DIANA air rifle is 31 Panther and not the mod 34 (they look identical but they're not the same).

Three... We have arms dealers and we can have firearms permit/license from the ministry of interior and it's not hard. However, Kuwait has strict firearm laws to prevent wax-heads like you from obtaining them.

Four... It's called Shaq (with Q not K). And by knowing that I will presume either you or your father used to work as a barber or in the satellite business with some Pakis.

Last but not least... You shouldn't be posting about scopes and firearms with the sh!t hole your country's going through lately. Grab a stone, ride your elephant, and go save some hostages.

Oh and just to let you know...

- You have landed on my page using Google querying "golden eagle scope made in japan".
- You're using a lame @$$ Windows Visa and your internet browser is Opera.
- It took you 12 minutes to leave two lame comments on my blog.
- Your host name is
- Your IP is: (marked)
- Your country is: India

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

hey great looking diana man,pls log on its out gun site .i have a scope just like yours but the dam thing has got some fungus in it may be the moisture of goa(India).hope to see you the way my user name is bb and was born in kuwait .stsrded in the new english school.bye and take care bro.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Hi MacaholiQ8,

I found a Golden Eagle rifle scope here in Saudi Arabia and it retails for SR260. I just want to ask you, have you had any issue with this scope such as the crosshair getting knocked out of alignment???

I have had the same problem with a Bushnell scope made in China.

MacaholiQ8 said...

Mine is great, no problems so far. I just need a scope stop since my chinese mounts (bought separately) tend to loosen up more often.

Alfred said...

This too is a great one. Read the review its a great scope.