Monday, November 10, 2008

2009 Nissan 370z

The new Nissan 370z. Ugly from the outside and astonishing from the inside.

350z will keep holding its ground against this one looks-wise, but engine-wise... Let's see what the VQ37VHR engine has to offer. The 370z chassis is shorter than the 350z meaning we could see some engine swaps here and there.

Source with more pictures: [link]

Happy my car will have some dignity left for it. :)


Charmbracelet said...

i never liked ily gabliha..maybe i'll like this one =p

The Criticizer said...

My car isn't bad. :(

Spur said...

شفيهم معفسين بويهها

مو شي كلش

The Criticizer said...