Sunday, November 23, 2008

Review | MacBook Air

I have been using it for the past month and before I give it back to my bro I will highlight what's hot and what's not. Note that this review is based on first generation MacBook Air with 1.8GHz processor, 2GB RAM, 64GB SSD.

MacBook Air is without any doubt one of the most desirable laptops in the market. It looks sleek with it's brushed aluminum casing, ultra-bright wide screen monitor, backlit keyboard, long-life battery, and of course its light weight. But what makes the MacBook Air cool other than its looks and weight? The answer is almost nothing.

MacBook Air is a quick task handler which an Asus EeePC or even recent smartphones and PDAs can provide for less expenses. If you want to connect on the run it's there for you, if you want to listen to music and handle your photo and music libraries it's there for you, if you want to type or read for 6 consecutive hours running only on battery it's the perfect choice for you. And with SSD rest assured that it won't take more than 30 seconds to launch and 5-10 seconds to shutdown.

However, if you want to use it for editing high-resolution photography, photo-manipulation, video editing, motion graphics (After Effects & Flash), extreme gaming, load it with a bit of anything and everything then this is the spot where it starts to cough it's performance. It can barely withstand any of these actions. In other words it is not made for intense use.

Poor sound quality (one speaker hidden somewhere underneath the right side of the keyboard). Limited to one USB 2.0 port and no internal SuperDrive. Cooling fan barely cools it (all you can hear is its sound).

Simply like a Ferrari; MacBook Air is the most desirable but not for everyday use. It has set new standards to portable computing but it doesn't come in a full package where you can rely on it. I am not going to say it fails to satisfy its users, it does so in a unique way, but it has limitations that it might make some users feel cornered when they really need to finish the job.


BLaSha said...

sound perfect to me! i want one :(

Bashar said...

There you see... you cost Blasha few hundred KDs already.

Thanks for this thorough review. Best I read.

I am personally impressed by the look and weight of it, nothing else however. I prefer the MacBook Pro

The Criticizer said...

Suit yourself and buy one. Care to take a loan from me? Only 90% interest! :P

Yeah that's my point. It stands firmly on its looks but it's not really that good when it comes to performance. MacBook Pro FTW as they say. :P

Anonymous said...

Yaya ur blog to re-check what stuff to download chan ashoof Macbook Air, mine looks a bit like it;p

Anonymous said...

*Goes to Mac starters guide*, china awal marra ;p

Anonymous said...

We have one in our house. My sis uses it mostly and she really likes it!

The Criticizer said...

Mabrouk. The only thing(s) in common between them is the size and keyboard. :)

That post hasn't been updated for long. I will try my best to update it soon.

Good to know. To us, geeky people, it doesn't withstand a chance in comparison with other Macs. ;)

Anonymous said...

Offtopic : (Help) The DSLR kharefat :/ Mako illa 4 pictures in it, witgooli FULL i cant take anymore shots :/ its crazy
Do you know what's wrong ?

The Criticizer said...

I'm not sure what's wrong, sorry. :/

Is your memory card genuine?

Anonymous said...

lol ,I got it for free with the cam ;$

The Criticizer said...

Ok but is it genuine or replica? Because if it's a replica there's a big chance it gets corrupted. Just a thought though don't take my words for granted.

Anonymous said...

hmm, madri, bas shakla it is the memorycard. I don't think its genuine, it was for free, nothing in life comes for free!, or atleast, nothing good.

The Criticizer said...

True. If you want great quality CompactFlash memory card you can find SanDisk brand at Alyousifi. 4GB is the best (look for fast data rate transfer).