Sunday, November 02, 2008

Decomposing Soda Can

"It takes a second for you to recycle a can
It takes 50 years for a can to recycle itself


Lili3 said...

WoW that is so cool!@!!@!!!

suspic said...

It snowed once in 50 years. =O

It must be in Kuwait.

Spur said...

i did not know that...!

Sham3at Al Jillas said...

How about starting a recycling campaign?

Charmbracelet said...

woow !
i am with the campaign if there is one! =O

Missy said...

aaah why do i have to verify my password alf o seteen o ba6ee5 million mara EVERY TIME I want to check my hotmail account? :(

The Criticizer said...

It is :)

hehe.. imagine if they had to go through this whole 50 years scenario... Snow, melt, snow, melt, snow, melt... x50. Wouldn't it be boring to watch?
Besides, they have hinted about that time lapse with that small grass growing in the middle of the scene and ending up a piece of wood on the pavement. :)

Now you know! ;p

sham3at el jillas:
I wish I could be of any help but unfortunately in our community campaigns don't work. :/

Join the club at (YCCKC)
www, :P

Am sorry but I don't know how to help you on this one... have you tried clearing your cache? or reset Safari if you're using it. Or maybe you have Private Browsing enabled. :/

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

finally somoene other than me who is prorecycling in kuwait! =)

The Criticizer said...

Yeah but will it ever work? I don't think so. :/