Friday, November 21, 2008

iPhone Firmware 2.2

Long story short...

- No bidirectional languages (Arabic) support yet.
- New region settings including Kuwait.*
- Smoother page transition?

* Choosing Kuwait region will fix incoming SMS contact details but will change Calender, Weather, Stocks, and some other apps interface into reversed arabic (days/months) and arabic digits for time and date.


fereej said...

same evry time no arabic update yet :\

bo bader said...

Very good Arabization for the iPhone!!

You can test it at Eureka in Salmiya.

The Criticizer said...

With the new region settings and the launch of the iPhone in Egypt there has to be a language update sooner or later.

bo bader:
That requires jailbreaking the iPhone which I'm hesitant to do. I will wait for the official arabic support.

G-Funk said...

The Criticizer:

Jailbreaking only works for Firmware Pre 2.2, It's safe and easy to do to get Arabic working for the time being..

as for 2.2 Jailbreaking would happen any time soon.. be on the lookout !

The Criticizer said...

When I come to think about it, it's not a big deal whether I jailbreak my officially unlocked iPhone 3G or not, however, I prefer to keep it this way without jailbreak because, well, it still functions to my expectations and I don't see jailbreak adding anything more than I need.