Tuesday, November 04, 2008

iTeach #001

This post starts a new series of blog entries in my blog and it will be about my job as a teacher. Any post tagged with "iTeach" will be related to my job. But first, before I start ranting about it I would like to apologize to intlxpatr for the delay. I really appreciate your concern. I will be posting related stories and updates at least once every month.

Everyday I wake up wondering how I ended up here with this life and this job. I never planned on becoming a teacher neither have imagined myself in this position before I graduated from high school. I know my job is very rewarding but teaching those brats was never for me. Although most times I hate it I'm still 100% dedicated to it, after all it's my job and my source for a living and that's what keeps me going. Still that doesn't mean I haven't enjoyed it and its benefits. Let's just say I had more bad days than good days.

I'm still teaching in the same middle-school I used to teach in last year. After a hectic year between Kheitan and Jeleeb Al-Sheyokh in Farwaniya governorate I got transferred to yet another dirty sink in Qurain, Mubarak Al-Kabeer governorate.

This school has good facilities, good administration, good P.E. section, and great P.E. colleagues. But the only downside of this school is its relatively high percentage of bad ill mannered students, or to be more precise, the 3agad students. They say "Education starts at home" and since most of those are never home after school till late midnight it's easy to distinguish the educated polite students from the rude ones. Nothing is perfect I guess.

Currently teaching 6th and 8th grade, and also supervising 9th grade. It's a hard task though luckily I have a reduced schedule which suits me well. I also got assigned for another side job after school that has nothing to do with students and it's very rewarding money-wise. That should keep me busy for the end of the year and hopefully I can start cutting out on my very unhealthy shisha addiction since I get home very exhausted.

That's about all for my first iTeach blog entry.


Lili3 said...

(no offense or anything)Wow, I have got to say I'm surprised by your age. Usually what you said is the exact same as a 35 year old teacher would say, and believe me I know, my whole family works in the Education Field(principals, teachers, etc.)
But you know, being a teacher is one of the toughest jobs, I notice that some teachers are just there for the money, but there are really people who deserve that spot. And I hope you are one of those ^^
Good Luck!!

Spur said...

best of luck my dear

Anonymous said...

I have also taught middle school, as a substitute. You are a hero to me. Dealing with children whose hormones are just kicking in, whose attention span is like two seconds, and whose energy levels are high and unbounded - that takes a very special person. My dread every day was the very last class - they were like monkeys, swinging from the lamps; they couldn't hear a thing I said, all they wanted was to be free.

Me too! LOL

Thanks, Mac, truly, it helps to talk about it. It sounds like there are so many good things at this school with the admin and the colleagues and the extra non-student related job.

I can also bet you are having an influence - more than you know - on the ill-mannered. And setting an example for those who dread coming to school every day because of them. You give the good guys a safe place.

Bashar said...

My wife is a teacher. I hear your suffering mate, and the extra money isn't worth it at all perhaps.

God bless you!

ge0 said...

a couple of ur readers Mac talked about the extra money! I say what money? teaching does not pay as high as a being bank teller with no whatsoever experience or employer in an investment company! it pays somewhat the same as call center employers!
Mac keep the good work:)

Charmbracelet said...

I don't want to be a teacher cos I see how my teachers suffer! Mu mne though =p..I wouldnt know how to do control em..or they might take advantage of me cos I'm too nice..madre!=p..this geneneration gets worse!!!I really hate it !=O
goood luck

Swair. said...

I read ge0's comment o za3alt lol

Call Center 3ad? *sobs*

No offense to Call Center employees, but the work they do can never be compared to a teacher's job..

The Criticizer said...

None taken. In fact I've seen the kind of people you're talking about and I assure you I'm not one of them. As I mentioned in my post, I hate my job but I try my best to do it right (no delays, no sick leaves, no problems with admins, colleagues... etc.).

To you too, thanks.

Thank you for the kind words. I sure hope I have made a good impression on my students, colleagues, and admins.

The thing is dealing with the ill-mannered brats will never be a pleasure. Their troubles don't seem to end. :/

Thanks o allah e3eenha too.

Thanks man. There are new rumors of a new raise though to be honest I don't want that! I mean not until they do what I and most teachers crave, a law that grants our rights against offenders (whether students or parents), and school riot which is very common in most public schools.

Every generation hates the next one. And you're right, they will take advantage of your kindness. From what I see in this filed the most successful teacher is the kind but strict teacher. And unfortunately I'm too kind to be strict.

Exactly, and that's his point.

Ms Loala said...
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Ms Loala said...

You know, you can always change your job to one that suits you, because working at a place where you are not comfortable with will consume your health. Here, was6a can get you anywhere you want.

Ever considered banking? :P
I know alot of people who have degrees so not related to the field of banking but succeeded in it. Teachers, architectures, history graduates, you name it.

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

i admire all teachers wallah, mostly because im not a patient person...oo if i ever were to become one, i would just go on a shooting rampage in a school!

wallah your patience is an amazing virtue to have =)

The Criticizer said...

And what about people who don't have was6a? 7ab 5shom o sh'3ul 3agad ma yamshi.

And no thanks, I've seen my friends who are in the banking field, 7ad-hum makleenha. :/

Thank you. I will consider that shooting rampage theory. :P

PaLoMiNo said...

ya36eek il 3afia :)

The Criticizer said...

Allah e3afech.

Anonymous said...

Mac - "Series" means more than one, and usually like 10 or so. I am waiting! waiting! waiting! I want to hear more of your adventures. :-)

The Criticizer said...

Hehe, I will I will don't worry.. :)

NicoleB said...

I know why I am not a teacher.
I would probably end up strangling the rude ones ;)

The Criticizer said...

*thinking of strangling some brats*

Thanks for the tip! :P

Sonia said...

Was wondering if any of you know some one who is a personal trainer? And would be interested in working one on one with me.