Friday, October 31, 2008

Open ID gets a Boost from Microsoft and Google

This is very promising...

"Open ID was dreamed up as a way to ease the mental and administrative burden of having a different login identity and password for almost every website.

The idea should mean that anyone with an Open ID identifier can use it to log in to, and use, any and every other site that has signed up to the scheme.

Microsoft and Google were early adopters of the scheme, and took seats on the board of the Open ID Foundation in 2007. However, both are only now releasing the tools and technology to work with the scheme."
- [link]

One username and password for multiple sites means no longer having to recall different login information on every website you use. Also there's high hope that it can limit online identity theft and fraud.

Still it concerns a lot of people with its security measurements. Imagine someone snags your login info, all your online details will be exposed, not to mention anonymity issues. Once it's assured to be safe and convenient it will surely see the green light.


Anonymous said...

Thanks, Mac, I know I have appreciated it's handiness, making comments on others' blogs, but I didn't know the background . . . or the risks.

Bashar said...

Yeah, it is promising. I used it on, no one seemed to care :)

What's really catching up however is not OpenID, but signing up using your Google or Yahoo ID, since most people already have one of those.

The Criticizer said...

Now that it got support from both companies it will surely improve. :)

That I did not know. It'd be great yet it has the same risk.