Sunday, October 19, 2008

I Want My Hair Back!

Today I went to the barber for my weekly beard shaving. There was a young boy (about 6 years old) with his father waiting for their turn. When the boy got seated his father asked him how do you like your hair to be cut? The boy replied in enthusiasm "I want to shave it ALL!, (Abi Aggari3!)". "Are you sure?!, (AKEED?)" his father exclaimed. "YES!", the boy confirms with a grin. So be it, the father asks the barber to shave all his boy's head...

At first, when some of the boy's hair started to fall off marking some "highways" and "U-turns" all over his head, he was laughing his head off. Then, with just a little hair left, the laughing turned down into nervous giggles and that's where he started having second thoughts... One minute later he started crying out loud "I WANT MY HAIR BACK!!", kicking and punching both his father and the barber.

It took two barbers and his father to settle him down and convince him that his hair will grow back soon.

Poor kid thought his hair won't grow back. :P


Charmbracelet said...


Missy said...

LOOOOOL miskeeen :p

iNoor said...

المسيجين شكله ما يعرف شنو يعني "أقرّع" بس سامعها من ربعه لوول
يكبر وينسى

ge0 said...

Proudly, I am balding and I don't want my hair back;-)

Ra-1 said...

Hehhe :p

BLaSha said...

ana abi agari3 too!

Shwaish said...

hehehehehe kids are dumb i hate them hehe

Swair. said...


They better tell him fingernails grow back too, akhaf ege9oon athafra o esawee mana7a lol

Zabo0o6a said...

Garait el title i thought it was you , poor thing !

mo3ath said...

انا لو مكانك جان على طول صورته :D

وحياتك اهو وابوه اخليهم يشرفون البلوق :P

The Criticizer said...

E shakla chithi.

LOL! Man I get really glad when I see your comments. La tga6i3. :)

Allah e3eenik 3al gar3a, "Antum alsabi8oon wa na7n alla7i8oon" xD

I have a new shaving machine, let me know when you're ready. :P

LOL! Most of them but not all. :P

LOL! After seeing what he did in the barber shop I wouldn't even want to imagine what he could do in that case! xD

Why? Has my hair started to fall off bedon ma adri? :P

LOL! If I had a camera in my cellphone I would. el yayyat akthar enshalla. :P

Navy Girl said...

7aram :D

Patrick Semaan said...


PaLoMiNo said...

hehehehehe waai 7abeebi so cute hehehehe :)

:::ShoSho::: said...

لووووووووووول يحليله والله

Anonymous said...

I know how he feels :)

Mine is taking a little longer to disappear - but it's never coming back :)

Anonymous said...

LOL maskeen

Sham3at Al Jillas said...

LOOOOOOOOOOL... Agra3 agaira3 6a7 be66asa 9aya7 3ala ommah yaby girgasha.

When I read the title, thought you are going bald and reminiscing about the good ol'days :P.

The Criticizer said...

navy g:

He wasn't cute at all. :P

Doesn't your kid have brain-bursts like this one? :P

Allah e3eenik, shakli la7gik but not yet. :P


sham3at al jillas:
lol!! laaa I'm still "fully-covered"! bas Allah ystir when I reach 30! :P

Spur said...

لوووووووووول مسكين

The Criticizer said...

7adda ;p

BLaSha said...

im ready! im readyyyyy

The Criticizer said...

*fetches his shaver

here u go. ;p

BLaSha said...


Anonymous said...

LLOOLLL! That happened with my son, too. I wasn't there, my husband brought him home and I cried.

The Criticizer said...

blasha ;p

Haha poor kid. :P

NicoleB said...

Poor thing :D

The Criticizer said...

Hehe, you should have seen his face. Kodak moment! :P

NicoleB said...

I actually saw the whole scene like a movie in front of me.
Just way too funny :D