Thursday, October 23, 2008

Blogger Comment Box

I logged in today to see my comments setting has been automatically changed and reconfigured by Blogger, replacing the ordinary comments page with this little box under each post.

If this is meant to be an improvement then I don't want it! It doesn't work every time and it's hard to reply to multiple comments like that.

Fortunately it can be adjusted under
Settings > Comments > Comment Form Placement


Loolykinns said...

thats why you should get your own website with your own blog... you'll be your own boss =P

Big Pearls said...

happy with blogger..until now.

Charmbracelet said...


Ms Loala said...

It's still the same with my blog. I think it can be configured by choice, it couldn't be mandatory because i hated it too when i commented in other blogs :\

Navy Girl said...

yeah i dont wana it either !!! it looks ugly ! :/

The Criticizer said...

It's basically the same. Blogger can be customized easily. :P

big pearls:
Always happy with it, so far. :)


ms loala:
Yeah it can be changed, but I don't know why it was forced on our blogs? :/

navy g:
Join the club. :P

3bady said...

i am totally agree with u.. i am confused with some blogs my looong comnet disappear

Spur said...

جنه يشبه ديسكتوب ماك ولا ترا والي؟
شكله غريب

The Criticizer said...

yeah :/

Sharp eyes! Yes, it's taken using Safari on Mac. :)