Wednesday, October 29, 2008

iPhone 3G | Story + Review

While everybody was busy with Gulf Bank rumored Bankruptcy, I was skimming around some blogs when I ended up at BLaSha's blog. I left a comment on one of her posts regarding the iPhone and she replied by email mentioning that she has not only one but two (later I knew she had three!) officially unlocked iPhone 3G (no JB required) and she was willing to give one away. I took the chance and, after further inquires about the product (color, capacity, accessories, "Price!"), we had a deal.

I had some short insights with an iPod Touch and I have played around with my friend's first generation iPhone (non-3G) a couple of times but I have never had the chance to really experience this elegant innovation, and my current impression is "WOW!".

iPhone 3G stands out even with its original issues of inconvenience (mentioned in Cons.). Almost everything could be solved by jailbreaking it but not yet. I want to enjoy the heap-load of Applications installed for me. "I have around four pages"... Four is the new Nine! Yes, thanks to the sweet BLaSha, she installed nine pages of nifty applications. Each page has 12 apps. Go figure.

Now here comes my nerdy takes on the iPhone 3G...

Pros: Sleek and unique, beautiful big screen with nice resolution though not the best, great various applications available (some are free), very user-friendly, good wireless connectivity, and last but not least it combines both great worlds of a smartphone and iPod.

Cons: Speakers not loud enough (something to do with all Apple products), no video camera (JB), dull factory tones, exclusive to iTunes, no Flash plug-in, no SMS forwarding (JB), can't copy contacts to SIM card (JB), no factory support for arabic language (JB), no full-keyboard, and battery life is not the best compared to today's smartphones and PDAs.

Conclusion: I must say it's an amazing device, no arguments, and it will surely make my whole year but first I need to get past my old cellphone (Nokia Communicator 9300i) that I have had for the past three years and get used to this one to bring the best out of it.

Some more info: Black, 16GB, officially unlocked (no-JB), currently running Wataniya Telecommunication (KT Wataniya) smart SIM card.

(JB) = Jailbreak / Jailbroken / Jailbraking


BLaSha said...

what's the best app/game so far? thas if ya went thru them all, moo? mo? :P

makes no sense, hahaha :P i still can't believe how i've installed that 1 4 u :P hahaha

BLaSha said...

and my blog doesn't work with "www" so, remove it :P

KTDP said...

the speaker thing has something to do with European standards. Most companies end up providing 2 different firmwares. Apple doesn't unfortunately.
@blasha you can get your host to fix it I think.

BLaSha said...

i would if i knew how :P

godaddy is confusing me!

randomq80ya said...

do you mean wataniya is selling 3g iphones?

The Criticizer said...

Moo! LMAO! xD

Best game: Enigmo
Best applicaiton: Deliveries & aSleep
Cool stuff: Music channels.

"www" removed. ;p

Maybe. :/

No. I am using Wataniya chip on iPhone 3G. I don't think any Kuwaiti cellular provider will be able to sell the iPhone.

BLaSha said...

play SPORE!!!!!!

Ms Loala said...

I do love the iPhone, the look is neat and stylish but it's just those stupid downsides that prevent me from buying it.

The Criticizer said...

I played it and it's fun but I think Enigmo is much more fun and challenging. :)

ms loala:
Yeah it gets on my nerves sometimes but so far it's great even without those features/options. Hopefully they'll get fixed in the upcoming firmwares.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
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G-Funk said...

Jailbreakiing wont effect the functionality of the phone.. so until apple gets official with Arabic support, I'm satisfied with Jailbreaking my Officially Unlocked iPhone 3G