Thursday, October 16, 2008

Aramex & 7 digits

I received three packages in the past few weeks and all of them arrived home without contacting me (SMS). After checking my account I noticed my contact number is still 7 digits. They should be smart enough to update by now.


Charmbracelet said...


Nemo said...

walla zain yo9al sms!!
ana 9arly 1000000 sena m3ahom
i called 1000 times to activate el service o kel mara ygolon ly we will send a ticket to our helpdesk eb madri ay country o we'll fix it!


shoosha said...

yeah that happened to me too... i recently had 2 packages oo they didnt sms, 3ala6ool they deliver it

PaLoMiNo said...

same here!!!

bas ey3rfoon eyzedoon as3rfhom kil shwya!

The Criticizer said...

wee x2. ;p

nemo, shoosha, palomino:
My point exactly... they need to work on their service. :/

Spur said...

أنا وايد مشاكلي ويا الأراميكس شكلي بغيرهم

The Criticizer said...

Yeah they suck but unfortunately we need their services. Let me know if you find anything better.