Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The New Apple Squad

Apple Inc. went wild and launched their new series of portable Macs with revamped aluminum-enclosed MacBook and MacBook Pro, upgraded MacBook Air, and new HD monitors.

Specs-wise the new MacBook and MacBook Pro surely brings challenge to the table against other makers, although I always think Mac should never be compared to PC in specs (to each OS and user their own needs). With the new NVIDIA power plant (chipset and GPU), you can count on your new Mac to never lag on graphic-related issues/applications (hopefully). And it is said that the new NVIDIA setup is up to 5 times faster the Intel Macs!

MacBook Air gets a fine boost with 120GB HDD (SSD too) and, of course NVIDIA based, up to 4 times faster than 1st generation Intel-based MacBook Air.

Probably the best thing yet on the new squad is the multi-touch four-gesture glass trackpad. Apple has always been unique with its one-button trackpad but now they took it to the extreme with no buttons at all except a blank big glass trackpad.

The only down-side to me (which isn't so bad) is that the new squad doesn't have FireWire 400 port, but there's FireWire 800 on the Pro. I have Maxtor 320 external HD with USB2.0 and FireWire 400. I kinda got used to FireWire speeds, it's a shame to move downwards to USB when I have a faster port.

For more info check these links...
- http://live.gizmodo.com/
- http://blogs.computerworld.com


Charmbracelet said...

mm didnt get most of this!=p
mm bs does
that sounds great good ??=p lol

il3ameed said...

do you think we should wait a few months for them to fix the bugs before buying them, or buy them now?

The Criticizer said...

Heh, I guess I will have to post twice every time, one so nerdy and one straight to the point. :P

And yes, it is great. :)

Whether there are bugs/flaws or not sooner or later there will always be a new more powerful mac/pc so I think it would be nice to get one while its still hot. Know what I mean? ;)

bumo said...

Looks like wai3 but the specs r 2 die 4

Nemo said...

i bought the new macbook awaaaaaaal ma nezal o mat :p
awal version kelha bugs :s

The Criticizer said...

Screw the looks, I want sheer performance! :D

I'll take my chances and buy this 1st draft. :P