Thursday, February 19, 2009

Explain this...

Yes yes yes... a new template. Not a big revamp nor improvement, same crap different layout, but that's not the case.

Beside my latest irritating issue with the stupid Buffalo router that still doesn't want to get along with Windows Live, I checked my blog today to find something weird... so weird that I had to change my template just to make sure everything goes back to normal...

They're still there and my archives prove it but my home page entries went invisible all of a sudden! I haven't even done any editing to my layout/template in a long long time.

For no particular reason my blog entries stopped from showing up. Safari, Firefox, Opera, Flock, OmniWeb, and even Internet Explorer on my friend's Vista PC, not a single browser was able to show up my home page entries! Zajil, W-Net, and United Networks at home, and also cleared out my cache and reset my browsers but nothing appeared until I changed my blog layout.

I'm worried because as the saying goes "Bad things come in threes". This is my second IT-related problem in a short span. God be merciful what's going to happen next. :\


Patrick Semaan said...

Ay! backup backup backup

Ruby Woo said...

It's not just you. I noticed two other blogs that were missing their posts as well.

Did you figure out what the problem was?

Yazeed said...


i do recall that we had a deal, i switch to mac and u switch to wordpress, well i've switched like 15 months ago,

yala doorik :P

Ms Loala said...

Your Mac may crash next :P

Naah, god forbids!

Well, I've noticed Blogger have been acting up real weird lately.
I would have said it has something to do with your browser but since the problem occurs almost the same with every one, then try changing the template (your current one looks dull and lifeless, sorry :\ )

The template may be the problem or the code variables you sorted out were incorrect.

Intlxpatr said...

LOL, yeh the Buffalo wireless router is working PERFECTLY except that it is causing conflicts and wipeouts of everything else!

NicoleB said...

Did you fix it?
I can see the old posts...
And yes, as Patrick says: Backup!
(Like I'm really doing *that* myself,...)

Navy Girl said...

its nice but too white lol :D

Alya said...

Hi, I am experiencing the same problem now, and my friend told me about your blog and that you fixed it. How did you do it?
And does it have anything to do with Windows Live Writer? Because that's where I publish my posts. Or do I have to change the template?

Anonymous said...

I think it looks good :) Why not convert! I can't seem to get why people even bother using blogspot whilst wordpress is around.

MacaholiQ8 said...

Nothing to worry about. :)

I don't know what was the problem but it seems to be something regarding the layout code itself. It's all good now. :)

LOL! The question is, did I have any influence in making you switch? If yes then guess I will have to switch to wordpress! :P

ms loala:
Hah! I'd kill myself. :P

Thank you for being honest. I was thinking of changing my template to something more appealing to the eye for too long but never had the time to do it. I will try my best to lookup some templates and any recommendations are more than welcome, as long as they're blue-oriented. :)

Yeah, it jinxed everything!

Heh, yeah it's fixed after I changed my template. I don't backup either. They're all saved within' blogger's servers so why bother, right? :)

Navy G.:
Heh, I will look for something different when I get the time. :)

I guess you resolved the issue. :)

It's a matter of preference actually. I like Wordpress and I think it's more appealing and slightly sophisticated than blogger but I'm happy with Blogger so why change?

Besides, what really matters is the content of the blog and not the layout nor the host website, don't you agree? :)

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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