Sunday, February 01, 2009

Shout Out

I would like to send out the biggest and loudest curse in the whole universe to the BMW 730Li driver (License plate 246999) at Mishref Co-op for delaying me on one of my busiest days ever by parking with almost zero clearance and about 30cm from my door making me unable to squeeze myself in, and also for making me look stupid jumping from passenger seat to driver seat after waiting for +15 minutes without her showing up.

We have said this a million times before and I concur once again; women cannot drive and probably never will be able to drive properly, except some odds. They should be locked up in the trunk and a male driver takes them from point A to B.


Some people were questioning my credibility and I how I knew it was a woman without seeing her in person. Well I have stated in my first comment to my fellow friend iNoor that there was a scarf on the seat and women gloves on the center console. How is that for a fact?


iNoor said...

يا رجال وشدراك انها حرمة؟ شفتها بعويناتك؟
تقول ويذاوت هر شوينغ آب

بعدييييين وين قاعدين اللي ما تبي الحريمات يسوووقِن، هاااا

توني قارية ردك علي بالبوست اللي طاف استانست قلت أوووه صاير نصير المرأة، الحين قلبت! أفاا يا ذا العلم

BTW, u twannis when u write in 3arabic =p

MacaholiQ8 said...

واي؟ از ات آوكورد؟

LOL#@!#$%!!! xD

And yeah she was a woman because there was a scarf on her seat and women gloves on the center console.

iNoor said...

أهاع، استنتاج منطجي 8-)

لاااااع، آي جاست لايك إت =p

My.Silhouette.In.Red said...

وات ايز جووينج أوون؟ لوول عجبني كلام iNoor قلت بتحجى نفسها


أفكورس أيت أيز أ وومان
كانت يو سي ذا واي شي باركد؟

وومن دونت نوو هاو تو درايف
أل أوف ثيم

أيكسيكلودينج ماي سلف أفكورس ;-)

Anonymous said...

loool u crack me up... madri shagoolik... it is true wayed ppl should not b allowed to drive bas seriously chill... ma tiswa 3alayk... ive been quiet for a while now bas kil malik itzeed madri shloon... calm down crit.. ma tiswa 3alayk


Shwaish said...

i agree women cant drive but how did u know shes a girl if the driver didnt show up?? HA? HA? im sorry i had to do the whole feminist bit :p its abt damn time, but i think its a half assed attempt :p

Ra-1 said...

صج في ناس ما يحترمون أحد ولا يفكرون بغيرهم
جان كتبت لها شي؟

Bashar said...

Man, I hate how careless those drivers are. However I have to disagree on women. People in general just do that. Leave their car wherever they want. I usually avoid the inside parking of Mishref, since even when its quite, some people have to make long lane waiting to park, and squeeze them selves to save few steps.

Outside is much better, though Kuwaities manage to find a way to spoil it. They started parking at the EXIT and I couldn't get my car out. Soon after they put some metallic fence around entrance and exit. If it gets too crowded, saleh shhab parking at night is best.

There is this western guy who used to say "Kuwaities dont park their cars, they leave their cars"

When I see such a thing, I sometimes boil and scratch their car as a THEKRA! U said it was BMW, I'm sure she'd care

Anonymous said...

I hope you had a good day ahead of this mess :)

I know women are bad drivers mostly in kuwait cuz 90% of them pass with was6a!

Swair. said...

But I can drive. *pouts*

signorina said...

why did u assume that she was a woman ?? and why do u think that ALL MEN are good drivers????

MacaholiQ8 said...

جود تو كنو <--- ك: تكتب ولا تنطق


My Silhouette:
يو شودنت اكسكلوود يورسيلف
ان فاكت يو شود بت يورسيلف اون توب اوف ذات لست


Kil mala wazeed? This is my first take on women drivers! :P

I take it you didn't read my first comment to Noor. Anyways, I will add it to the post.

Allah fak-ha o ma yat willa chan katbeen 3anni biljarayed ellyom elly warah. :/

"Kuwaities dont park their cars, they leave their cars"
Words of wisdom. I agree with you that most people do it, especially here in kuwait, but that doesn't hide the fact that 90% of them are women! And to put it in simple terms... Men are reckless and women are careless.

Unfortunately I was late for my appointment. :/
Yeah, and so are a lot of men, but the woman's brain just can't get in terms with driving abilities.

Aaa... No you don't. *grin*

Same thing said to Shwaish, and the post is now officially updated.

nameless said...

I have passed THE BUTTERFLY AWARD to you, .. LINK

Anonymous said...

i wuda keyed her car! she deserves it!

so thoughtless, i bet she wouldnt even have cared even if she came back and you confronted her about it..yet if u had done the same to her...aaaah u wudnt have heard the end of it!

bas this is regardless of gender or driving skills..this is just a serious attitude problem.

Anonymous said...

I am a GREAT driver. Most of my women friends are very good drivers.

We CAN be inattentive, if we are chatting, or if, horrors, we are texting.

I wish there were a police place where we could send photos of the law-breakers. You were inconvenienced, Mac, not endangered. There are drivers out there who kill and pay the blood price and never look back and never change.

I know you are upset. You are probably a pretty good driver. This is PARKING INCONSIDERATION, PARKING carelessness. This is arrogance and self absorption, but it is not life threatening.

I am woman, hear me roar! ;-)

Anonymous said...

lol mo '3a9di chithe... i get ur point.. law kint ibmokanik chan it7al6amt too... thats one of the thins that gets on my nerves.. and now to my real point.. awal u were less uptight. adri theyre workign ur butt off bas 7aram u get like this... ma yiswoon u get all angry


MacaholiQ8 said...

Thank you my friend, I appreciate it, however I have quit doing tags and such stuff long ago. :)

Whoa you're so evil, I like that! Though it was a new car and I don't dare to touch a BMW. Maybe if it was a Mercedes or anything else would've thought about it. :P

Hehe, don't get me wrong I was just boasting the stereotype that women cannot drive properly. You're excluded. You're a wise woman who wants to make this world a better place. :)

Believe it or not I don't know how to be mad. I vent using my blog and that's it. I bet if she came and I saw her I wouldn't dare to open my mouth, I'd probably stand staring at her waiting for her highness to remove the car. :|

Anonymous said...

Ah, the battle of the sexes. Touché!

Ruby Woo said...

It's women like her that give us 'good female drivers' a bad name!

Anonymous said...

lol cute! this is the crit that i used to know.


Mathai said...

Some people can be so inconsiderate, and I hate climbing in from the other side. Once I was in the same situation and while moving from passenger side to driver side my boots scratched the dashboard. :(
Expats and Kuwaitis are lousy at parking sometimes.

MacaholiQ8 said...

Yes yes yes, and we have the upper hand! *grin* :D

True, to some extent that is. :P

"Used" to know? urm .. Do I know you? Cuz I'm not sure who you are. ;p

"Expats and Kuwaitis are lousy at parking sometimes."
So both are lousy? That makes Aliens the only excellent species at parking! :P

Anonymous said...

lol... i guess only time would tell


Patrick Semaan said...

I know the feeling! I remember scratching my steering wheel with my foot while moving from side passenger to driver seat, got so mad! It was a guy blocking me though...

Some girls probably cant drive well but dudes can make the stupidest mistakes and the craziest stuff on the road.

bumo said...

take it back

MacaholiQ8 said...

I think I know who you are because back when I had "The_Criticizer" screen name there's only one person who used to call me "Crit" :P

That endorses my theory that "Men are reckless and women are careless". :)

LOL! I saw that episode a while back, total fun with the truck! :D
Well, she's excluded, because she's German that is. :P

Anonymous said...

lol madri maybe :p

MacaholiQ8 said...

Busted! God knows how much I love Statcounter! Why aren't you posting under your username? :D

Mathai said...

well.. have you ever seen a UFO double parked ? :P

Anonymous said...

dude ay username (a)?

MacaholiQ8 said...

I have web-tracking service and all evidences lead to one blog but with different IP addresses.

Your IP when you left this comment is, Bradford England. Your last one was AbuDhabi which means you're probably using proxy or a crazy ISP with a lot of routing (Zain/Viva/Wataniya).

You're using Windows browsing with Explorer 7.0 / Firefox 3.0.2

I don't think I should mention your blog, now should I? :P

Anonymous said...

what i would do to be in england right now instead of being stuck here in q8... a5leek with whoever u think i am... lmao this is getting funny

u know something... tawi astaw3ib ina ur no longer crit... thats to show how much i was lost the past couple of months

MacaholiQ8 said...

You don't know what "routing" is, do you? You're probably using Zain e-go, it routes a lot, that's why it shows your connection all over the world.

Anyhow, whoever you are, hope you're enjoying my blog. :)