Thursday, February 05, 2009

A Screw Up Called "Aramex"

Aramex never fails to amaze me with its stupid management and ailing customer care. The problem is, I still cannot find an alternative service.

Long story short... I have placed two orders in the past few weeks, both arrived in my mailbox (one earlier by a day), a whole week passes by without shipping any of the packages. Today I checked my inbox to see only one of the packages has been shipped!

I called AraSchei├če customer service inquiring why my packages haven't shipped together since both were in my mailbox for a week. He replied...

"We cannot box two separate packages together and when it gets busy they grab whatever small and fits for freight, however, I will look into this issue and see if I can hasten the process of your other package ".

First of all, do NOT try to outsmart your customers. That's just rude and stupid. Secondly, what the hell is that supposed to mean, "... grab what's small and fits freight"? That's not even a freakin' excuse. Don't you have schedules and listing of the packages? Don't you ship older packages first? Screw it, just admit that your service is inconvenient!

I did my calculations and if those packages got shipped together my shipping costs 10.5 KD. Thanks to their barbaric shipping method it will cost 3 KD more (not to mention if it falls into customs hands).


mo3ath said...

i had the same problem in the first week of the year and the reply " we have problems with flights schedule "

as you said : still cannot find an alternative service. said...

no alternative!
good luck getting it sorted.

I finally got a Mac by the way...
It's inspiring. No exaggeration.

Bashar said...

HUH!!! I did notice delay as well. Don't they promise 4-6 working days or something like that?

So technically that means your larger shipment could wait for ever.

Aramex have been long enough in market and by now, they should be able to make a commitment, or discount on the delay caused.

ge0 said...

what I dont understand is why Amazon or other place dont send the merchandises by USP or Fedex to Kuwait

Neoark said...

well, screw them, there is no point freaking order anything out SINCE THE COST IS FREAKING ALMOST LIKE PURCHASING IT IN KUWAIT!

K.thekuwaiti said...

Go to them when both items have arrived, and pay for them as one shipment. I don't pay the separate charged (3kd extra) if my packages are delayed by Aramex.

Ms Loala said...

You mentioned it, it's the best low service of the low crappy freight companies!

F. said...

Ya zeeeen il UPS ;p <3

Nemo said...

ma7eb aramex

MacaholiQ8 said...

We need to find something better right away.

Mabrouk. Hope you enjoy the experience.
If you ever need any assistance I'm here. :)

I wouldn't expect them to improve because, well, after all its origin is arabic. :/

Amazon ships within the US but they have plans to expand their services. Until that happens we're stuck with Aramex. :/

I agree, but some stuff are cheaper and some other stuff cannot be found here. That's the point in shopping online.

Thanks for the tip, I was going to ask you to elaborate but I got a call today and seems all is good. I will write about it.

ms loala:
I don't recall I did but seems like I had a moment of wisdom right there. :P

iWant! :\

No one does but we need the b@stards. :/

Raed said...

Has had this problem over and over. their services few years ago was much batter, but now it horrible and much more expensive. as you all know they have increased their shipping charges due to the increase of oil price but what now! it has felled down to the lowest point ever and their prices are still high.

The best alternative is to ship directly to the gulf, it would cost about $10/.5KG for regular mail and you will get it in less then 10 working day (mostly one week). unlike aramex 2 to 3 weeks.

For those items that cannot be shipped out of the states; get them from ebay or amazon market place seller that would ship to the gulf.

This way i was able to reduce the number of packages shipped through aramex from an average of 10 per month to 3.

PS. since NY started collecting taxes on online purchase its ideal to ship directly to our countries. and a representative from aramex have told me that the number of flight reduces to 2 per week from 3 due to the decrease of people using their service.

I think that aramex was innovative with thier idea but they got really greedy and couldn't maintain it well.

good luck

MacaholiQ8 said...

Thank you for the insight, Raed. I will surely look into it and hopefully quit using Aramex for good.

Anonymous said...

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My experience as a Buyer:

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I think it's time for top level eBay India officers and executives to look deep in to these problems with aramex before aramex can destroy their reputation and business.

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