Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Amiri Grant | 200 KD

The amiri grant had been sent to all kuwaitis on their main bank accounts. Others who don't have bank accounts have to go to Gulf Bank and collect their grant in person but it would take a while because they're going on alphabetical order.

As for me, my grant has vanished due to my installments.
"Easy come, easy go!"

What did you do with yours? =/


Tooomz said...

Think it's going towards buying my brother a new laptop.

The Criticizer said...

That's a kind thing of you to do, buy him a Mac! =P

Dandoon said...

I don't really want/need anything right now so I'm saving it:)

The Criticizer said...

Lucky you. A million step begins with one step, and a million denar begins with.... erm.. 200KD I guess! =P

FaYoora said...

under 21 Goes to their parents bank accounts.
So i got mine arrived home to me hehe

Mine is still in my wallet ;P

The Criticizer said...

You should donate to the poor.

Start with me!!! xD

CyberRowdy said...

is this the only country in the world doing this?

The Criticizer said...

Not really, I don't know about all the other countries but most new leaders in the gulf do such stuff like giving away grants and/or dropping depts for their people as a sign of good will. Some people see it more like a bribe to shut our mouths and eyes of something, I say they are right but I would also like to add that being bribed to shut up is way better than extortion with a slap on my face and a mid-finger. KD200 is a bribe, yes. KD200 is not enough, yes and yes, we're not a perfect country and yes and yes...etc. But our government is not really THAT bad. Kuwait came 3rd (2nd actually, since Israel doesn't count in our point of view) in middle east democracy falling behind Lebanon. And you can see how people are so suicidal to get the Kuwaiti nationality.

Anyhow.. KD200 is fair enough.
I've enjoyed all my country "bribes" and I will enjoy their upcoming bribes while I can. ;)