Friday, September 15, 2006

Tornado ADSL modem = Rip off!

Few days ago I have posted my first impression[*] on United Network and mentioned that they gave me "Tornado 2440 ADSL modem & router", it turned out to be a total rip off. It keeps disconnecting off the internet and never connects again until I turn it off for more than 30 minutes! It's been one week and now sh!t like that start to happen? I called their customer service and the guy said there might be something wrong with the configuration, how in hell would that happen if it had been working without any problems for five days straight? I think it disconnects because it overheats. *curses* I will have take it on Saturday and ask for replacement.

If you're willing to go for United Networks internet service just make sure you don't get this retarded modem.


CyberRowdy said...

May be this particular unit is faulty I guess coz...Tornadoes worked perfectly for me several years...why dont you ask them to get you another box to check out?

also, hows united's customer support?

dilli_o_milli said...

Well Mr.Macaholic this is NEW :D

Thank u for passing by...

The Criticizer said...

CyberRowdy: Story in my new post.
About their customer support, they're good. I called around 12:15am and they replied. The guy I talked to tried to help in everyway possible but unfortunately couldn't come up with a solution.

Dilli o Milli: Seems like you commented on the wrong post, thanks anyways.

dilli_o_milli said...

I know ur post was about Tornado Modem, but I wasn't trying to comment on the Modem !! I know ur a Macintosh Lover so I thought of sending u thier latest in iPod :D

The Criticizer said...

Oh thank you! But I've already had a post about it right here

Yet again, thanks. I appreciate your comment. ;)